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NYU Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

In compliance with the communication issued on Wednesday, March 18 from NYU's Institutional Review Board (IRB) Office, which states effective immediately, all in-person research interactions with human subjects (both domestic and foreign) must be suspended if that research is approved under the auspices of the NYU Washington Square IRB, NYU Steinhardt has revised our payment policy to allow for an alternative method of remuneration for research participants. Individuals will now receive payment via Amazon digital gift cards in lieu of the previous method of payment which involved physical distribution of Bank of America prepaid gift cards.

The process for initiating payments to human subjects (during COVID-19 pandemic) is as follows:

Complete the Amazon Prepaid Digital Gift Cards request form, which includes:

  1. Chartfield to be charged

  2. Date range for upcoming research (one month period maximum per request)

  3. Quantity of each denomination needed

  4. Copy of IRB, including sections specifying method of payment and denominations

  5. PI approval email

Once the request is reviewed and approved, the Office of Research will:

  1. Establish a tracking sheet using Google Sheets to share with the PI and Requester

  2. Email an encrypted Excel file with all card redemption codes with instructions for access and reconciliation

  3. Once redemption codes are received, PIs and card managers may distribute them to research participants.

Note: Reconciliation must be completed using the provided tracking sheet on a monthly basis, when all redemption codes are distributed, and when more cards are requested.

Read More About NYU IRB Coronavirus Information for Human Subjects Research Investigators

Steinhardt offers two ways to pay non-NYU individuals participating in research activities.

Prepaid Cards (All NY-Based Research)

Prepaid cards provided for payments to both human subjects are pre-loaded with amounts indicated by the program requestor. Prepaid cards can be used for purchases like a standard consumer debit card.

All prepaid card requests should be submitted to with the Finance team CCd at

Please refer to Expense Management's Cash Equivalents page for more information.

*Departments should not submit any request for prepaid cards to the Bursar without prior approval by Steinhardt Office of Research.
*If a study participant can reasonably expect to receive over $600 in a calendar year, Custodians must collect relevant tax information (Form 1099) including Full Legal Name, SSN/TIN, Permanent and Mailing Address (if different), FNIF (if Foreign National).

Amazon Digital Gift Cards (Non-NY & International Research only)

Digital Amazon gift cards, which can only be used to buy things from Amazon, may be purchased for amounts no greater than $25 per card. Amazon Business gift cards must be purchased through the University’s centralized Amazon Business for Education account. Also, these cards must be electronically sent to the research participant`s email account after the completion of the research requirement.

All amazon gift cards that are procured via the Amazon Business for Education account must be reconciled via the Amazon Business Gift Card Justification Google Form. More information about how to sign up can be found at Expense Management's Amazon Business page.

*The purchase of physical amazon gift cards is not permitted.
*The purchase of amazon gift cards for any use, other than for research, is strictly forbidden.