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Student Testimonials

Hear from recent participants about their study abroad experiences!

"We were able to learn from the community. We were led by the community. We were able to visit the community cultural center as well, and engage with some of their practices. I think this very immersive trip alongside South Africans has changed my life forever."

-Cheyenne, "Educational and Social Reform & Intern Abroad" in South Africa

"Participating in Global Perspectives in Higher Education was truly transformative for me professionally and personally. I was challenged in ways I wouldn't have been in the States, and I'm forever grateful for everyone who welcomed us and taught us about their institutions and Ghana as a whole. I encourage anyone considering this program to do it.

Abigail, "Global Perspectives in Higher Education" in Ghana

Student in Lund, Sweden

I would 100% recommend other students to participate in a Steinhardt study abroad program. It was an amazing experience that allows you to get closer to your peers, those of other cultures, and more involved in the Voice Disorders area of our field.

Sutanya, "Therapeutic Approaches in Speech Pathology: Voice" in Sweden

"It was wonderful to get to talk to Brazilian students close to my age. I really was impacted by that because I was able to get an even deeper sense of how Brazilians might think about race, how their experiences of racism might have impacted them. It made me think about, what are the ways we can connect? How might our experiences be different? Those opportunities for more casual, less structured educational moments are where I learned the things that I'm going to take home with me."

Rachel, "Race, Class, and Equity in Higher Education" in Brazil

"Nashville was definitely one of the most life changing experience at NYU Music Business Program. Not only do you get to bond with people who are equally passionate about music, but you also get to network with industry professionals such as A&R executives, Grammy award winning producers and engineers. The experience was a big step into my future endeavors, as it opens my eyes to the multitude of opportunities pertaining to the industry itself."

Matthew, "Production and A&R in the Music Industry" in Nashville

"I had been to Paris before but Professor Berg's course took me off the well-beaten tourist trails and showed me a different side of Paris that I had never seen. What I really appreciated was straying from those well-trodden paths and visiting other venues, which helped me better understand how food and other political/cultural factors like race, gender, and ethnicity intersect with Parisian identity. Finally, I made connections with fellow students that I will cherish forever. No moment was dull, and every day felt like another adventure."

Dave, "Global Food Cultures" in France

Emma V in Madrid

I went in terrified that I had no friends coming to Madrid: they were all at other locations. I was so lucky in the end, because I met an amazing group and we got to travel through Europe together. It was an insanely amazing, once in a lifetime experience!

Emma, NYU Madrid

"My advice to future study abroad students: do not be afraid to be alone. It is wonderful making friends in a new place--but there is also immense value in becoming friends with the place itself, getting to know the city one on one. And along the way you will get to know yourself from a new perspective. Step out of your comfort zone--learn some of the language if you don't know it, if you do know it then challenge yourself to speak it as much as possible."

Devyn, NYU Paris

"I really enjoyed the experience of being able to work and make decisions in a state of the art studio, with industry professionals who not only were bosses at what they do, but great teachers of it as well! Going to places like the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Ryman Auditorium really stuck out to me, as it gave me a crash course on country music and rock and roll in the city and spaces that it all happened in. This to me was an added bonus on top of learning about production and A&R from a non-classroom environment. Getting to spend a week with a cohort of other aspiring music executives/creatives fostered experiences both socially and professionally that I will always cherish! "

Logan, "Production and A&R in the Music Industry" in Nashville

Responses have been edited for length and clarity.