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Short-Term Undergraduate Study Away

January 2025 Undergraduate Offerings

Nashville: Production and A&R in the Music Industry

This course will provide students with studio and classroom experiences focusing on the tools of A&R talent evaluation, including talent discovery, artist development, and record-making from the creative/production perspective.

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Graduate Offerings Open to Eligible Undergraduates

Graduate Course Eligibility

Unless otherwise specified, undergraduate students from all NYU schools are welcome to apply to a Steinhardt short-term study abroad course, provided they have senior standing (at least 96 credits) by the course start date. All students should consult with their academic advisors to determine how the course will meet their degree requirements. Non-NYU undergraduates are not eligible to participate unless an undergraduate course number is listed for the course.

January and Spring Break 2025

Argentina: Artistic Activism, Social Justice, and Radical Education in a Third Space

Discover the "third spaces" between formal institutions and explore the ways in which they are sites of pedagogy and artistic activism.

Cuba: International Issues in Nutrition and Food

Examine the complex factors affecting food, nutrition, and health practices in Cuba through hands-on experiences and meetings with local experts.

Dominican Republic: Culture & Language Learning in Real-Time

This January, gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of culture and its relationship to language while studying in the Dominican Republic.

Ghana: Cross-Cultural Counseling

Immerse yourself in contemporary Ghanaian culture and explore the ways in which helping professionals’ and clients’ worldview, values, and biases are shaped by multiple cultural influences.

Italy: Politics, Migration, and Education

Explore the ways in which politics, migration, and education intersect within the context of Italy and western Europe more broadly.

Uganda: Dance Education

Learn how to teach, create, and perform dance and to build community through the lens of another culture.

United Kingdom: Migration, Media, and the Global City

Explore how migration is imagined in the global urban context and how media and technology enable the (re)imagining of transnational communities and cultural politics in London.

Summer 2025

China: Disability in a Global Context

Learn about socialized health care, education, access, and social welfare for individuals with disabilities in Shanghai.

Czech Republic: Music Performance: The Ecology of Outreach

Examine intercultural perspectives on music perception and reception across national borders in the context of Prague's vibrant performing arts community.

Ireland: Community-Engaged Theatre

Explore facilitation, devising, and playwriting/adaptation, along with approaches to using dramatic activities to create a context for theatre work in collaboration with different groups and communities.

South Africa: Education and Social Reform

Examine how social and educational reforms influence access and equity issues in education through fieldwork.

Spain: Global Food Cultures: Food Heritage in Spain

Visit local markets, bakeries, and wholesale and retail outlets and hear from local experts as you explore how food traditions and heritage in Spain are being promoted at the national and global levels.

Spain: Intercultural Perspectives on Teaching and Learning

Explore the role that class, race, gender, economics, politics, religion, and cultural heritage play in language policy, bilingual and world language education, and international education.

United Kingdom: Interpreting Exhibitions: Art + Fashion

Spend two weeks exploring how art and fashion co-mingle in London’s innovative arts and culture programming.

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