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Our Impact

In the City, of the World

NYU Steinhardt's one-of-a-kind integration of education, communication, health, and the arts puts us at the heart of a movement: education for social change.

Our mission is to advance knowledge, creativity, and innovation at the crossroads of culture, education, and human development. 

NYU Steinhardt was founded in 1890 as the first school of education at an American university. Its creation was groundbreaking; it allowed female teachers to get a university education at a time when women didn’t yet have the right to vote.

Among the School’s first students were teachers and administrators of all races and ethnicities, who took the ideals of higher education from their classrooms out into New York City’s diverse communities. It was the mission of our founders to give both teachers and students tools for social and economic mobility.

Today, NYU Steinhardt is a diverse, dynamic, uniquely interdisciplinary school devoted to a holistic understanding of people and human development across the lifespan. Here, members of our community study art, music, culture, media and communications, health and wellness, education, and more. Each day, we foster equity by supporting the research, scholarship, and practices that advance the education, health, and well-being of people and communities worldwide.

At its best, education can offer a solution to pressing social problems and enrich the world we live in. We thank you for joining us in this movement and invite you to accompany us as we continue in our mission.


— Jack H. Knott, Gale and Ira Drukier Dean

Social Impact

Nutrition and Food Studies Research Benefits New York Communities

This is the second in a series of articles highlighting how Nutrition and Food Studies faculty are combining research insights and applied expertise to bring positive change to New York City.

Clinical Musicianship for Good

For students in NYU Steinhardt’s Music Therapy program, music is more than just an artistic pastime, but a powerful tool in the service of human wellbeing.

Art Therapy Program Brings Creative Self-Discovery to the Rubin Museum

This fall, Steinhardt’s graduate Art Therapy program offered a free weekly program, Healing Through Art, to visitors at the Rubin Museum.

Faculty Thought Leadership

New Study from Professor Jan Plass Explores Positive Impact of Video Games on Children

New research finds that digital games can contribute to the well-being of children, but game producers must design games to support positive outcomes.

Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy Janet Njelesani Publishes Findings on Children Who Are Caregivers

The Young Caregivers Study seeks to understand the roles of and better support children who take care of parents with cancer.

New Book from Shamari Reid: Humans Who Teach

Assistant Professor of Teaching and Learning Shamari Reid asks teachers to surrender their superhero capes in his new book on love, justice, and liberation in schools.

Recent Outreach

Students, staff, and faculty from across NYU Steinhardt came together to support the New York City community and beyond. 

Bodega owners and customers were included in a peer-reviewed article on attitudes toward online grocery shopping co-authored by an NYU Steinhardt professor.
Evaluation for Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative across New York was co-conducted by NYU Steinhardt and Grossman researchers and funded by two NY foundations.
NYU Steinhardt students conducted speech-language intervention for patients with Huntington's Disease at an NYU Health Care Center.

Creating Connections in the Queer Community Through Food

Meet Gabby Lenart, founder of This Queer Kitchen and a graduate of NYU Steinhardt's Food Studies program.