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A view of a vegetable market in Prague

Study Abroad

NYU Steinhardt embraces diversity and multiculturalism both inside the classroom and around the world.

The Office of Global Affairs provides opportunities for students to cultivate intercultural perspectives, academic and artistic excellence, and an appreciation for differences across sectors of human development. We offer an array of interdisciplinary courses that provide immersion in a global location, contact with local experts, and experiential learning across the fields of health, visual and performing arts, media, and education.

Undergraduate Study Abroad

A critical part of an NYU education is learning how to respectfully and efficiently engage globally. Develop a greater intercultural understanding, and challenge yourself to bring humanity closer together through an understanding of differences and similarities by studying a semester abroad.

Graduate Study Abroad

Undertake a transformative global experience and develop a new intercultural perspective as part of your graduate degree. Our short-term intensive programs offer the opportunity to learn from experts in the field, earn academic credit, and expand your network.

Study Abroad Experience

Five smiling students stand by an ancient stone wall in Israel


Integrate international perspectives into your Steinhardt degree program and complete required or elective coursework. Forge connections with expert faculty, international professionals, local experts, and students from multiple disciplines while gaining hands-on experience in the field.

Students at a market in Italy.

Sample program activities:

  • Visit a local Ministry of Education and meet with education policymakers
  • Experience a hands-on theatre workshop led by host country experts
  • Visit a community rehabilitation center and analyze the local health system in comparison with the US system
  • Create and execute lesson plans at a local school for children with disabilities
Students engaging with Grad Student during the Intercultural Perspectives on Teaching and Learning program in China


"Study abroad is one of the best tools for student development. It can help you truly challenge your beliefs, values, prior learnings and help shape those ideas and feelings through each new experience and connection that one makes."

Hazara, "Global Perspectives in Higher Education" in Türkiye

A group of smiling students standing in front of the sea and smiling at the camera


"Everything we did was grounded in the course. We got to really explore the culture, but, in the end, everything came back to what we learned from the textbooks. It was amazing to see it all play out in a real-world situation—you don’t get that with other classes."

Alice, "Dean’s Global Honors Seminar: Families, Schools and Child Development" in Tel Aviv

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