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What is a proposal?

  • A request for sponsorship of a proposed research project.

Who is eligible to submit proposals?

  • In order to ensure that research is conducted by those who have the requisite training and skill, as well as the appropriate relationship to NYU, the University will normally sponsor proposals only when the principal investigator or project director is employed full-time by the University and holds an appointment as an Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor.
  • All others not mentioned above may obtain Principal Investigator status by submitting requests from department chair to school dean which will then be directed to the Provost for final approval.
  • PI status not required for Co-PI/I role.

Where should your research live? 

  • Research can be housed within your department, however Steinhardt has also created centers which create opportunities for interdisciplinary, externally-funded scholarship among a large group of faculty across academic units.

Who should I contact for assistance with this submission and when should I contact them?

  • Steinhardt Office of Research grants management team is your first point of contact. These professionals are experience pre- and post-award administrators that will guide you through this process. Each department and center has a specific individual assigned to their portfolio.
  • Contact your respective grant manager immediately once the decision is made to respond to call for proposal.

University review and approvals

  • All proposals are routed for review and approval via NYU’s electronic proposal routing and approval system, Cayuse SP. 

Sponsor deadlines

  • Timing the proposal development and submission process is a crucial factor in successfully seeking external funding. Proposals that do not meet established agency deadlines may be returned by the sponsor to the Principal Investigator (PI) unreviewed, or may be held for the next competition, seriously delaying the opportunity to carry out the proposed work. 

Regulatory requirements/Representations and certifications

  • In response to legislative initiatives concerned with issues of social and fiscal accountability, a variety of regulatory requirements must be satisfied in advance of, or during, the conduct of a funded project. These requirements usually call for special review processes to ensure compliance with applicable federal, state and/or University regulations and the health and safety of those involved in the project, as attested to by the signature of the principal investigator (PI) and/or the University's authorizing official. 
  • Sponsors often require applicant organizations to provide signed affirmation of compliance with a variety of federal, state, local and University policies, whether or not they may be directly applicable to the proposed project. Normally the representations and certifications are included in application materials or incorporated by reference, and, unless otherwise noted, call only for the signature of the University's authorizing official.