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Professional Development Funds

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The Steinhardt Full-Time Professional Development Fund seeks to enhance the school’s intellectual life by supporting faculty research, artistic work, and professional development. The Professional Development Fund supports faculty in situations when IDA funds or faculty budgets are insufficient to support faculty-led activities. While priority for this fund is given to junior faculty (both tenure-track and clinical), it is open to all full-time faculty who meet the criteria. Funds are limited and will be partially dependent upon the number of requests received and “fit” with this support mechanism (see priorities for review below).

We expect proposals to be reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the academic year. In order to maximize the use of the Professional Development Fund, those faculty members who expect any monies to go unspent are asked to return those funds for re-allocation. It is expected that requests from this fund are for short-term undertakings.  As such, awarded funds must be spent before August 31 of the same academic year in which they were awarded.

Note: No funds will be “rolled over” into the following academic year. Additionally, applications/proposals are accepted throughout the year, on a case by case basis, for last-minute/unpredictable requests.

Grant Strengthening Professional Development Funds

We have earmarked special Professional Development Funds to strengthen externally-funded grant submissions. The “grant-strengthening” funds can be used to support a) the review of a planned grant submission by a senior researcher in the field and b) the editing of a grant application by a professional editor.

Applications for this special professional development fund will be reviewed on a rolling basis. A limited number of these special funds will be awarded. Steinhardt’s Office of Research will facilitate the identification of the reviewer and/or editor. Funding will range between $500-$1,000 and will be paid directly to the provider.

Note: "purpose" section must include the words "Grant Strengthening" in the request.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for funding, faculty should submit a proposal that indicates the nature of the project and addresses the criteria below. They should indicate whether or not they have been recent recipients of other NYU or Steinhardt research support in the previous two years. Note that no faculty member may receive more than $3,000 in support from the Professional Development Fund in any two-year period. If, for example, $2,000 were awarded and spent in the prior year, the faculty member may receive no more than $1,000 in the current year. Faculty who receive support from the Professional Development Fund should provide a brief report on the outcome of the activities via e-mail to after completing their activity.

Evaluation Criteria

All requests will be reviewed and approved by the Executive Director of the Office of Research.

These funds are competitive.  Applications will be given priority in the review process if they:

  • Support the faculty member in achieving tenure and/or promotion
  • Involve dissemination of creative work or scholarship (e.g., conference travel, CD production, book/report publishing, etc.)
  • Are aligned with school priorities in terms of building interconnections across disciplines or departments, having a global reach, or supporting technological innovation
  • Are difficult to fund through traditional means (i.e., external and internal grants and awards). In short, these awards should fill a gap in current funding opportunities.