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Global Advisory Committees

NYU Steinhardt faculty are an integral part of the planning and facilitation of programming at NYU global academic centers. Through their participation in advisory committees faculty are shaping the school's partnerships and affiiations, evaluating courses and instruction abroad, and innovating the way we as a school engage with colleagues around the world. 

Faculty Advisory Committee on NYU's Global Network

The charge of this university-wide committee is to assess the academic state of NYU’s global network (the 12 global centers plus our campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai) and make recommendations to the president and provost for improvements, including recommendations for how best to integrate the global centers with schools and programs in New York and one another. Each school's representatives were chosen by their respective deans. Additionally, leadership of other university-wide groups (Faculty Senators Council, Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Academic Priorities) were asked for representatives.

Steinhardt Representatives:

Kristie Patten Koenig, Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy
             (212) 998-5852 |

Teboho Moja, Clinical Professor of Higher Education, Administration, Leadership, and Technology
             (212) 998-5589 |
Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Professor, Applied Psychology
             (212) 998-5107 | 
Read summary documents produced by the Faculty Advisory Committee.

NYU Global Site-Specific Advisory 

Steinhardt has several academic partnerships and affiliations with the NYU Global Academic Centers. Through this mechanism, global site-specific advisory committees engage faculty to determine the academic direction of each global site and to ensure the quality and coordination of curricular offerings, as well as research, co-curricular, and programmatic initiatives. Each committee will meet two to four times per semester and will be composed of faculty representatives from those departments and schools that have developed an academic partnership with the site; faculty representatives from NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai, as appropriate; the site director; and at least one local faculty member. 

Steinhardt representative to the site-specific committees have been identifed by department chairs and nominated by the Office of Global Affairs.  

Steinhardt Representatives:

NYU Accra

Elisabeth King, Associate Professor, International Education
             (212) 998-5219 |

Susan Kirch, Associate Professor, Teaching and Learning
             (212) 992-9474 | 

NYU Berlin

Erin O'Connor, Clinical Associate Professor, Art and Art Professions
             (212) 998-5712 |

NYU Buenos Aires

Carole Anne Spreen, Associate Professor, International Education
             (212) 992-9475 | 

Erin Godfrey, Associate Professor, Applied Psychology
             (212) 998-5396 |

Juan Piñon, Associate Professor, Media, Culture and Communication
             (212) 992-9409 | 

NYU Florence

Jesse Bransford, Clinical Associate Professor, Art and Art Professions
             (212) 998-5712 |

NYU London

Erin O'Connor, Associate Professor, Education
             (212) 992-9473 |

NYU Madrid

Lorena LlosaAssociate Professor, Education
             (212) 998-5460 |

NYU Paris

Aurora WallaceClinical Associate Professor, Media, Culture, and Communication
             (212) 998-9004

Ron SadoffAssociate Professor, Music and Music Education
             (212) 998-5779

NYU Prague

Aurora WallaceClinical Associate Professor, Media, Culture, and Communication
             (212) 998-9004

David SchroederMusic Associate Professor of Jazz Studies

NYU Shanghai

Krishnendu RayAssociate Professor, Food Studies

Lisa GitelmanProfessor, Media and English

Ron SadoffAssociate Professor, Music and Music Education
             (212) 998-5779

NYU Sydney

Aurora WallaceClinical Associate Professor, Media, Culture, and Communication
             (212) 998-9004

See site-specific advisory documents.

Steinhardt Global Faculty Advisory Committee

NYU Steinhardt's Global Faculty Advisory Committee provides guidance on the School's strategic global initiatives, advises on study abroad and international student issues, reviews global program proposals, recommends new initiatives, and liaises between the Office of Global Affairs and the academic departments. Representatives are appointed in consultation with department chairs.

We encourage all Steinhardt faculty to communicate your ideas, questions, and concerns about global affairs at the School and University to members of the committee, who can discuss them with the Advisory Committee as a whole.  

Global Faculty Advisory Committee Members:  

Kris DeFilippis, Clinical Assistant Professor and Program Director of Educational Leadership, Department of Administration, Leadership, and Technology


Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Courtney Sale Ross University Professor of Globalization and Education, Applied Psychology

             (212) 998-5107 |

Noel W. Anderson, Clinical Assistant Professor, Art and Art Professions

Kelly Bridges, Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of Distance Education, Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders
             (212) 998-5738 |

Carol Anne Spreen, Associate Professor, Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities
             (212) 992-9475 |

Ted Magder, Special Advisor for Policy, Strategy, and Innovation and Associate Professor, Department of Media, Culture, and Communication

          (212) 998-5015 |

Paul Geluso, Music Assistant Professor, Music and Performing Arts Professions
             (212) 998-5141 | 

Angela Trude, Assistant Professor, Nutrition and Food Studies
              No Phone |

Sally Poole, Clinical Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy
             (212) 998-5851 |

Marilyn Moffat, Professor, Physical Therapy 
             (212) 998-9400 |

Robin Harvey, Clinical Associate Professor of TESOL, Bilingual and World Language Education, Department of Teaching and Learning

             (212) 992-9367 |