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Jesse Bransford

Clinical Professor of Visual Arts; Undergraduate Director

Art and Art Professions

(212) 998-5712

Jesse Bransford is a New York-based artist whose work is exhibited internationally at venues including The Carnegie Museum of Art, the UCLA Hammer Museum, PS 1 Contemporary Art Center and the CCA Wattis Museum among others. He holds degrees from the New School for Social Research (BA), Parsons School of Design (BFA) and Columbia University (MFA). A clinical professor of art at New York University, Bransford's work has been involved with belief and the visual systems it creates since the 1990s. Early research into color meaning and cultural syncretism led to the occult traditions in general and the work of John Dee and Henry Cornelius Agrippa specifically. He has lectured widely on his work and the topics surrounding his work and is the co-organizer of the biennial Occult Humanities Conference in New York.

Selected Publications

  • Bransford, Jesse The Fourth and Fifth Pyramids, Fulgur Press, UK. Edition of 400.
  • Bransford, Jesse. A Book of Staves: Galdrastafabók, Fulgur Limited, UK
  • Noble, Judith; Craig, Tilly; Ferentinou, Victoria, eds. The Dance of Moon and Sun: Ithell Colquhoun, British Women and Surrealism, Fulgur Press, UK
  • Hundley, Jessica; Grossman, Pam eds. Witchcraft. The Library of Esoterica, Taschen, Cologne
  • Hundley, Jessica; Fiebig, Johannes; Kroll Marcella. Tarot. The Library of Esoterica, Taschen.
  • Bransford, Jesse & Razdow, Max. Revisiting the Veil of Dreams. The Fenris Wolf, Issue No. 10. 85-100
  • Ansell, Robert; Bransford, Jesse; Noble, Judith; Shepherd, Dominic, eds. Black Mirror 2: Elsewhere, Fulgur Press, UK
  • De Bruijn, William, ed. BLACK MIRROR: Magic in Art, The Gallery text + work, Arts University Bournemouth, UK
  • Ansell, Robert, Grossman, Pam, eds. Abraxas: Issue 3, Fulgur Press, London
  • Bransford, Jesse. The Fourth Pyramid, Galveston Artist Residency, Galveston, TX. Edition of 200.
  • Paper Monument, ed. Draw It with Your Eyes Closed: The Art of the Art Assignment, New York
  • Ansell, Robert, ed. I:MAGE, Fulgur Press, London
  • Hammer Projects 1999-2009, UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
  • MYTHTYM, Picturebox, New York
  • Vitamin D: New Perspectives in Drawing, Phaidon Press, New York/London
  • K48 #7, New York
  • Werewolf Express, Los Angeles
  • North Drive Press #2, New York
  • The Dogs, San Francisco


Studio Art

Our Studio Art program is at the forefront of contemporary art practice, with MFA and BFA degrees and two undergraduate minor concentrations in the field of visual arts.

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Art and Ideas

This course considers the history and possibilities of imagining and representing the Other and the Unknown. It is centered on the close study of films, texts and media, including Yermek Shinarbaev's Revenge, on the Korean diaspora in central Asia; Susana Aikin's The Salt Mines; Kpop; and texts drawn from critical theory, fiction, and the news. Through experimentations with various media, ranging from writing and storytelling to films and diagrams, students are asked to find ways to bring the unknown to the realm of the familiar, while questioning the merits of this practice.
Course #
3 - 6
Art and Art Professions

Projects in Drawing

Focus on particular subjects or techniques allows students to broaden skills and expression. Past topics have included the figure, the landscape, grisaille, pastels, and charcoal. Projects are chosen as a result of both faculty and student interest.
Course #
ART-UE 1180
Art and Art Professions

Senior Studio II

A culminating studio course designed to generate a ‘body of work’; this body of work will be discussed, critiqued and contextualized within the framework of peers, the art world and the world at large. Students are expected to work on a coherent body of works that will be discussed one-on-one as well as in critique settings though out the semester. Readings will be distributed as they relate to art making strategies. This process will culminate in a thesis exhibition designed and presented with several peers.
Course #
ART-UE 1902
1 - 4
Art and Art Professions