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Teaching Opportunities Abroad

Dean's Global Honors Seminars 

Dean's Global Honors Seminars for undergraduates provide faculty with a unique opportunity to complement teaching of global content on Washington Square with an international experiential learning component. These courses combine a semester-long, credit-bearing course in New York City with an international travel component lasting 7-10 days. Fall semester seminars include January travel, and Spring semester seminars include travel during spring break. These 4-credit courses must satisfy a liberal arts core requirement. Across all Steinhardt majors, identified incoming freshmen are invited to participate and identified sophomores are invited to apply.

Daily activities during the travel component may include data collection, interviews, lectures, discussions, site visits, and cultural activities. For Fall semester courses, final course assignments are due after travel in January. For Spring semester courses, the seminar continues to meet after spring break travel and incorporates the international learning experience into the continued seminar. Each seminar is limited to 16 students for pedagogical, travel-logistical, and safety reasons.

If you are a faculty member interested in developing a global honors seminar, consult with your chair and director of undergraduate studies to identify appropriate courses and possible locations. We offer four seminars each academic year, two in the fall and two in the spring, with a mixture of academic fields and international locations, striving for diversity in both.

Find our more about the current Dean's Global Honors Seminars.

Interested? Submit the Dean's Global Honors proposal form.

Questions? Contact Jessica Vitiello, Associate Director, Global Affairs,

Astor International Travel Fellowship

The Astor International Travel Fellowship for New York City Teachers, made possible through a generous gift from Mrs. Brooke Astor, celebrates the accomplishments of full-time, classroom teachers in the New York City public schools by awarding them a fully-sponsored, ten-day, educational fellowship with NYU Steinhardt faculty. Each year, a cohort of 12-16 teachers travels to one of NYU’s global academic centers and campuses and focuses on a specific theme while exploring the intercultural dimensions of teaching and learning.

Faculty interested in leading an Astor Fellows program should articulate a theme that would be of interest to New York City public school teachers and to which the faculty member brings a high level of expertise. Themes that strongly connect to one of the NYU Global Academic Center locations and/or faculty with experience at the proposed Academic Center location will be prioritized. Astor Fellows programs travel to NYU global academic centers during July or August, when NYC Schools are not in regular session, and the group reconvenes in late October for a Symposium where the Fellows present on their experiences. Faculty are selected to lead the program by a committee composed of the Chairs of the Department of Teaching and Learning, the Department of Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities, and the Department of Administration, Leadership and Technology, as well as representatives from the Steinhardt Office of Global Affairs.

For more information and examples of past destinations and themes, visit the Astor International Travel Fellowship webpage.

Proposal Deadline: February 15 for offerings in the following academic year

Interested? Submit the Astor Fellows Interest & Proposal Form

Questions? Contact Erinn Kehoe, Associate Director, Global Affairs, at

Graduate Short-Term Study Abroad 

Steinhardt offers a large portfolio of graduate, credit-bearing study abroad programs during the Summer, January, and spring breaks. Programs typically involve 1 week to 16 days in the destination location and may also entail pre- and/or post-travel class meetings. January courses take place in the first three weeks of January, just prior to the start of Spring semester.

We are especially interested in cross-disciplinary courses that can attract a robust target enrollment of 16 or more students. They may come from multiple programs, departments, and schools of NYU and can be open to working professionals in addition to graduate students. New study abroad programs should complement the School’s current slate of offerings. Study abroad courses are calculated as part of your teaching load, or overload, according to normal University procedures for credit-bearing courses. Visit our Graduate Short-term Study Abroad page for a current list of graduate study abroad courses.

We very strongly encourage the use of established NYU global academic centers or campuses in Abu Dhabi, Accra, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Florence, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Paris, Prague, Shanghai, Sydney, Tel Aviv, and Washington, DC. Prior to submitting a course proposal, we ask that you discuss your proposal with your Department Chair and with colleagues in your department. 

Proposal Deadline: February 15 for offerings in the following academic year. If you are proposing a brand-new course and/or a non-Global Site location, more lead time may be necessary

Interested? Submit the Short-term Study Abroad Faculty Interest form

Questions? Contact Erinn Kehoe, Associate Director, Global Affairs, at

Longer-Term Instruction Abroad

Departments with significant academic partnerships at NYU global academic centers (all locations except Abu Dhabi and Shanghai) may create opportunities for faculty instuction abroad. It should be noted that such arrangements are very resource-intensive, so they are quite rare and done when leading to significant program-building.

More frequently, New York-based faculty teach J-term or semester courses at the degree-granting campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai.  There are also J-term courses offered by Abu Dhabi in other locations (e.g., Buenos Aires, London, etc.).  If you are interested in exploring such opportunities, you should discuss departmental needs and proposed courses abroad with your program director, department chair and the Steinhardt dean of global programs.

Learn more about faculty affiliations with NYU Abu Dhabi.

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