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The Teacher Education Council is the collaborating, communicating and decision making group for Teacher Education within NYU Steinhardt. The Council is made up of representatives from all Teacher Education programs of study across three NYU Steinhardt Departments: Music and Performing Arts Professions, Art and Art Professions and Teaching and Learning. The current Council Chair is Professor Susan Koff from Dance Education.

Members of the Teacher Education Council are as follows:

Nada Ahmed, Teaching and Learning, Co-Director Teacher Residency, Director of Field Studies
Noel Anderson, Director of Educational Leadership
Sarah Beck, Teaching and Learning, English Education
Ann Burgunder, Teaching and Learning, Math Education
Amy Cordileone, Music and Performing Arts Professions, Educational Theatre
Gregory Director, Educational Leadership
Jessica Hamlin, Art and Arts Professions, Arts Education
Jules Joseph, Teaching and Learning, Field Administrator for Steinhardt Arts Education Consortium
Susan Kirch, Teaching and Learning, Co-Leader, Childhood Education, Science Education
Susan Koff, Music and Performing Arts Professions, Chair of Teacher Education Council, Dance Education
John Lyons, Accreditation and Assessment
Catherine Milne, Chair Department of Teaching and Learning, Science Education
David Montgomery, Music and Performing Arts Professions, Program Director in Educational Theatre
Erin O'Connor, Teaching and Learning, Early Childhood Education
Mark Perez, Certification Officer
Frank Pignatosi, Teaching and Learning, Teacher Residency  
Shane Smith, Teaching and Learning, Special Education
Adriana Diaz-Donoso, Program Director, Music Education
Diana Turk, Teaching and Learning, Director of Teacher Education, Co-Director Teacher Residency, Social Studies
Ayanna Taylor, Teaching and Learning, Coordinator for Partnership Schools, English Education
Robert Wallace, Teaching and Learning, Science Education
Heather Woodley, Teaching and Learning, MMS, Co-Leader Childhood Education
Lindsay Wright, Associate Dean for Accreditation and Assessment