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Out of State Verification Forms

Teacher Certification

If you have completed a NYS approved certification program at NYU Steinhardt and are applying for certification outside of New York State, you may email any required out of state verification forms with your applicant information section completed to:

For Teaching and Educational Administration certificates:

Mark J. Perez 
Certification Officer

For School Counselor certificates:

Submit form via NYU School Counselor Certification 

For Speech and Language Disabilities certificates:

Submit form via NYU CSD Document Support Request

Blank forms will not be completed.

You must have completed all academic requirements of your program including prerequisites, liberal arts distribution coursework and content coursework deficiencies required for NYS certification.

Forms will not be completed until you have graduated or for summer program completers finished all degree requirements.

Please indicate if you would like the form returned to you or the education department of the state requesting the verification form. You do not need to include an addressed or stamped envelope.

FOR STUDENTS APPLYING IN CONNECTICUT ONLY:  For the Connecticut DOE Statement of Preparing Higher Education Institution Form (ED 125) please include student teaching information for 2a and 2b on the form in your email or if mailed or faxed on a separate sheet of paper.

FOR STUDENTS APPLYING IN NEW JERSEY ONLY: For the NJ Verification of Program Completion Form, please include student teaching grade level(s) and setting(s) for section 5. and approximate number of clock hours in your email or if mailed or faxed on a separate sheet of paper.


For all questions and concerns related to NYU Steinhardt certification programs not addressed in these pages, please contact:

Mark J. Perez 
Certification Officer
NYU Steinhardt
82 Washington Square East, Room 229 
New York, New York 10003 
212-995-4353 fax