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Certification from Start to Finish

Teacher Certification

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Certification from Start to Finish Slideshow

NYU Certification Flowchart

New York State Certification

NYU Steinhardt will recommend you for certification to the New York State (NYS) Education Department upon request and program completion/graduation. You will first apply online. Instructions can be found on the NY State Certification Application Instructions page.

School Counseling students, please see NYS School Counseling Certification From Start to Finish and School Counseling Certification Flowchart

Please keep in mind that the NYSED issues your NYS Certification and the NYCDOE is your employer if you work for NYC Public Schools.

You will create two or three accounts as part of the process:


NYS Teacher Certification Examinations

Teach NYC - if you plan to work for NYC Public Schools


You will be recommended for an:

Initial Certificate

Valid for five years.  The NYS Education Department requires: 

A.  Passing scores on the required New York State Teacher Certification Exams:

  • Educating All Students Test 
  • Content Specialty Test(s) (dual certification program completers will need two, three or four CSTs)

Find specific exam requirements for your program, registration and preparation information.

When registering for exams, the NYCDOE Program selection question is not applicable.  Click Next without making a selection. 

B.  Fingerprint clearance (required both for student teaching in NYC public schools and NYS certification)

If student teaching in NYC Public Schools you will be fingerprinted at an IdentoGo location following NYCDOE process. You will receive instructions prior to student teaching.

To transfer clearance from NYCDOE to NYSED, complete an OSPRA 104 Form, do not check a box in Section 2 if none apply, and submit to the NYCDOE following instructions on form. 


Complete NYS Fingerprint Process

C.  Completion of your approved teacher certification degree program


D.  For graduate students only - completion of any coursework deficiencies identified upon admittance 

E.  Your application and fee to the NYSED and NYU Recommendation

The next level of certification in NYS is a Professional Certificate.

Professional Certificate

Valid for five years.  You will again apply online to the NYSED.  NYU will have recommended you for Professional if you are completing your MA with NYU in the same areas that led to Initial Certification.  Please see application instructions 

A.  Complete master's degree. Undergraduates please see options at NYSED Master's Degree Requirement for Professional Certification and NYSED FAQ

B.  Complete three years of teaching experience including one year of mentored teaching experience (you will be assigned a mentor in your school).

Maintain validity of Professional Certificate(s) by completing 100 hours of Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) every five years.


New York City Public Schools Employment

Apply at TEACH NYC 

Please note if you have already registered as a student teacher you will need to re-register, create a new username and password and submit a new application when seeking employment within NYC public schools.

Please see details and Letter of Expected Completion in NYU Teacher Certification FAQ 3

Please also review the NYCDOE Application Process and FAQ

New York State Public Schools Employment Outside NYC 

Visit the On-line Application System for Educators serving school districts in several regions of New York State. Many school districts now use this system as their primary source for filling jobs. Districts can view applicant information, resumes, and cover letters. Candidates are able to apply to specific positions using one application and/or have an option of granting all districts access to their application.


Out of State Certification

Many states have signed an interstate agreement on reciprocity but it does not necessarily waive exam or fingerprinting requirements.  Nor is it a simple exchange of one certificate for another. Some states, like California, require that you hold the NYS Certificate to apply for certification in their state. Please see details in FAQ 15

Requirements for all states can be found easily online by searching for “state name + teacher certification” or at U.S Department of Education


New York State Certification Timeline

___  Enrolled in Teacher Certification Program

___  Fingerprinted by IdentoGo for NYCDOE or NYSED process prior to student teaching

___  Register for and pass required NYS Teacher Certification Exams (during program)

___  Apply online for NYS Certification on NYSED TEACH system (at any point during program or closer to graduation)

___ If fingerprinted for NYCDOE, submit OSPRA 104 to transfer clearance from NYCDOE to NYSED​​​​​​

___  Apply on NYCDOE website if planning to work for NYC public schools (prior to graduation)

___  Submit Request for Recommendation Form to appropriate Box folder (near graduation)

___  Graduate

NYU recommends you for NYS Initial Certification

Initial Certificate(s) issue online in NYSED TEACH system only, valid for 5 years

___  Complete master’s degree

___  Teach for 3 years full time paid in an accredited school

___  If employed in a NYS public school, mentored first year (first of three years above), school district verifies to NYSED

___  Apply online for NYS Professional Certification

Professional Certificate(s) issue, paper copies mailed

___ Maintain validity of Professional Certificate(s) by completing 100 hours of Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) every five years.