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Student Profiles

PhD, Sociology of Education

Ramy Abbady

Learn more about Ramy's research interests on the racialized impacts of college costs and student debt, with a particular focus on public higher education (including community colleges) in New York.

Laura Assanmal Peláez

Laura is a full-time Ph.D. student in Sociology of Education. Learn more about her research interests in restorative justice and abolition education.

Fabian Barch

Fabian Barch's research focuses on issues of inequality related to race, geography, wealth, and educational opportunity.

Mike Burgo

Mike (he/him/his) is currently a part time Doctoral Student beginning his 3rd year. Mike's current research interests are in LGBTQ+ Students in higher education, specifically within STEM.

Andy Chae

Andy Chae's research focuses on the experiences of Asian American faculty, administrators, and students at U.S. institutions of higher education.

Fanny He

Fanny He is a part-time student in the Ph.D. program, studying how the intersectionality between race and socio-economic class impact a college student’s success.

Benjamin Le

Ben is a third-year doctoral student. His current research is exploring the opportunities and outcomes for students classified as English Learners through a quantitative intersectional framework.

Jason Le

Jason is a second year Ph.D student. His work revolves around using social justice based learning and Critical theory within the classroom to have students create meaning to their communities and worlds around them. 

Melissa Ortiz

Melissa is a first-year Ph.D. student and is interested in exploring the contemporary educational experiences of Latinx students attending schools in the suburbs undergoing rapid demographic change.

Maria Williamson Ramirez

Maria Williamson Ramirez is a second-year part time student in the SOED Ph.D. program. Learn more about Maria's research interests and professional experience in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Stephany Ramirez

Stephany Ramirez is a first-year, part-time doctoral student with over 10 years of experience in Education Policy and Market Research, Enrollment Management, Admissions, Retention, and Grassroots Organizing.

Edgar E. Rivera-Cash

Learn more about Edgar's research focus on exploring the various socio-cultural, institutional, bureaucratic and interpersonal factors that contribute to the marginalization of queer Latine students in higher education.

João Souto-Maior

João Souto Maior is a fifth-year doctoral student studying questions related to the organization of educational institutions, as well as how organizational decisions impact the formation of educational inequalities.

Emilie Santos Tumale

Emilie is particularly interested in further understanding how Filipino American college students conceptualize their ethnic identity in relation to their geographic contexts.

Candace Sumner-Robinson

Learn about current Sociology of Education Doctoral Student Candance Sumner-Robinson

Imani Wilson

Imani Wilson's research examines the function, creation, and sustainability of Black community-based educational spaces that serve as sites of empowerment and resistance for Black youth.