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Full-Time Faculty (and Thesis Advisors)

Paul Geluso

Music Assistant Professor, Director of the Music Technology Program

Morwaread Farbood

Associate Professor, Associate Director of Music Technology

Robert Rowe

Professor of Music Technology; Affiliated Faculty, NYU Abu Dhabi (International Assignment Fall 2019)

Agnieszka Roginska

Vice Chair, Music Associate Professor of Music Technology

Juan Pablo Bello

Professor of Music Technology and Computer Science & Engineering; Director of the Music and Audio Research Lab (MARL) and the Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP)

S. Alex Ruthmann

Associate Professor of Music Education and Music Technology

Tae Hong Park

Associate Professor of Music Composition and Technology

Leila Adu-Gilmore

Assistant Professor of Music Technology

Brian McFee

Assistant Professor of Music Technology and Data Science

​Pablo Ripollés

Assistant Professor of Music Technology and Psychology and Associate Director of the Music and Auditory Research Laboratory (MARL)

R. Luke DuBois

Associate Professor of Integrated Digital Media

Affiliated Full-Time Faculty

Carlos Guedes

Associate Professor of Music

Staff and Administration

Adjunct Professors

Thomas Beyer

Music Adjunct Faculty

Joel Chadabe

Music Adjunct Faculty

Arthur Guo

Music Adjunct Faculty

Kevin Killen

Music Adjunct Faculty

Branden Lane

Music Adjunct Faculty

Steven Litt

Music Adjunct Faculty

Andrew Telichan Phillips

PhD Student / Music Adjunct Faculty

Neil Rolnick

Music Adjunct Faculty

Dirk Vander Wilt

PhD Candidate / Music Adjunct Faculty

Leszek Wojcik

Music Adjunct Faculty