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Student Experience

PhD in Clinical/Counseling Psychology

Community Building and Service 

On top of the major components of the Clinical/Counseling Psychology doctoral program (coursework, clinical training, and research training), another key feature of the program is providing students with the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in networking, service, teaching, and mentoring through the following opportunities. 

Applied Psychology Departmental Colloquium 

The AP Department Colloquium, which meets monthly, is required for all first-year students in the Clinical/Counseling Psychology program and strongly encouraged for more advanced students. This colloquium series is designed to introduce students to the Department and to the faculty across programs, to foster a sense of community among students, and to contribute to the scholarly and intellectual life of the Department.  As a core component of the training program, this series exposes students to critical work in the areas of theory, practice, research, and consultation. Through presentations by nationally recognized experts, faculty, and students, the colloquium explores substantive, methodological, and professional issues in psychology. 

Clinical/Counseling Psychology Clinical-Research Days

The Clinical/Counseling Psychology Clinical-Research Days provide a twice-yearly forum for students and faculty to come together to learn about a variety of topics salient to the discipline, development, and profession of clinical and counseling psychology. These forums are intended to bring together the Clinical/Counseling community and help develop collective knowledge on topics such as students' and faculties' ongoing clinical and research work. Students in the program are expected to give scholarly presentations to their peers and faculty on their research and their clinical work on these days. Faculty and other professional presenters also participate. 

Diversity Dialogues

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee of NYU's Doctoral Program in Clinical/Counseling Psychology host "Diversity Dialogues” to facilitate discourse on various diversity-related topics and issues relevant to researchers and practitioners in the field of psychology. Topics have included: 

  • Understanding Intersectional Identities in Clinical Practice
  • Challenges and Strategies for Enacting Social Change

Student Action Group

The Student Action Group (SAG) is a student-founded and student-run organization. The goal of SAG is to work toward the continued growth and development of the Clinical/Counseling Psychology program. The organization seeks to develop and maintain an ongoing working relationship with the faculty in an effort to strengthen our identity as a doctoral program and as psychologists. SAG members are doctoral students from the Clinical/Counseling Psychology program. Members attend SAG meetings, plan and attend social events, and help bring about changes in the Clinical/Counseling Psychology doctoral program by working collaboratively with the faculty and administration. 

Teaching Experiences and Mentorship

The ability to teach is an important aspect of the program's goal to produce scientist-practitioners who are capable of serving as professionals in academic institutions. Students participate in supervised teaching practice at the MA or undergraduate level, as well as having the opportunity for mentorship by teaching other courses at NYU. All students who teach courses at NYU are either paid hourly as TA's or per course as adjunct instructors. The department also offers students the opportunity to teach as Adjunct Faculty.

Doctoral Writing Accountability Group 

The department hosts weekly writing groups to support:

  • Individual student writing goals
  • Provide opportunities to structure the writing process
  • Community accountability for writing
  • Co-writing time and collaboration

Before Clinical/Counseling Psychology

Current student's experiences before entering the Clinical/Counseling Psychology program (N= 12) 

Undergraduate Degrees in:

  • Art History
  • Economics 
  • Korean Language and Literature 
  • Psychology 

Completed Master's Degrees:

Completed a master’s degree before enrolling in Clinical/Counseling Psychology. 

  • 75% Yes
  • 25% No

Master’s Degrees in:

  • Clinical/Counseling Psychology
  • Human Development Studies
  • International Education Policy
  • Neuroscience and Education
  • Prevention Science
  • Public Health
  • Public Policy

Full-time Job:

100% of all students had a full-time job before enrolling in Clinical/Counseling Psychology. 

Employment Areas:

Clinical/Counseling Psychology students who worked full-time held jobs in the following areas:

  • Community Wellness Specialist
  • Human subjects protections
  • Project Assistant/Manager
  • Research Assistant 
  • Research Coordinator 

Average Age:

  • 26 years old when applying

Meet Student Award Winners

Meet Jen Ying Zhen Ang

Learn about the work Jen is doing in the Clinical/Counseling Psychology PhD program and the new style of dance she has been learning.

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Learn more about McKenzie's work in the Clinical/Counseling Psychology Program and what she's known for in her neighborhood.

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Learn more about the work Christina is doing in the Clinical/Counseling Psychology program and her dog's famous doppelganger.

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Learn more about Raquel's work in the Clinical/Counseling Psychology Program.

Meet Our Current Students

Jen Ying Zhen Ang

Principal Advisor(s): Dr. William Tsai

McKenzie Berezin

Principal Advisor(s): Dr. Shabnam Javdani

Uma Guarnaccia

Principal Advisor(s): Dr. Shabnam Javdani

Michelle Jeffers

Principal Advisor(s): Dr. Alisha Ali and Dr. Lisa Suzuki

Haja Kamara

Principal Advisor(s): Dr. Shabnam Javdani

Christina Seowoo Lee

Principal Advisor(s): Dr. Sumie Okazaki

Brittany Matthews

Principal Advisor(s): Dr. Anil Chacko

Victoria Monte

Principal Advisor(s): Dr. William Tsai

Kailee Kodama Muscente

Principal Advisor(s): Dr. Anil Chacko

Aakriti Prasai

Principal Advisor(s): Dr. Sumie Okazaki

Raquel Rose

Principal Advisor(s): Dr. Shabnam Javdani

Christina Wusinich

Principal Advisor(s): Dr. Alisha Ali and Dr. Lisa Suzuki

Yikai Xu

Principal Advisor(s): Dr. William Tsai

Qingyi (Grace) Zhang

Principal Advisor(s): Dr. William Tsai