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MM, Vocal Performance: Music Theatre/Post-Master’s Advanced Certificate, Vocal Pedagogy

Application Extended: Still Accepting Applications

46 Total Credits Required

A minimum of 46 credits is required for the completion of the dual degree.  These credits must be earned at the 2000-level, and any classes taken at the 0000 or 1000- level are considered remedial and will not count toward the degree. The recommended time for the completion of this degree is four semesters.

Core Courses

33 Credits

Concentration Courses

9 Credits

Taken 4 times for 1 credit each:
1 Credit

Dance Courses

2 Credits

Students choose 2 dance courses from the list below or other courses by advisement for 2 units.


Terminal Experience

2 Total Credits


The culminating experience for the degree consists of three projects: a workshop in which the student performs a song incorporating elements of vocal technique and acting, a research-based paper, and performance of a musical set, all in support of the final public recital.

Placement Exams

  • Music Theory and Aural Comprehension
  • Music History
  • Italian Diction
  • English Diction
  • German Diction
  • French Diction

Placement exams are given prior to the start of the fall semester. For each exam that you do not pass you will be assigned a review course. The credits for any undergraduate review courses you are required to take do not count toward the certificate.

Minimum Grade Requirements

Students must earn a minimum of a B in any MPAVP-GE course in order for the credits for that course to count toward the degree.

Students must earn a minimum of a B in Vocal Pedagogy in order to remain in the Advanced Certificate or Dual Degree Program. Students who earn lower than a B in the fall course – Vocal Pedagogy: Research (MPAVP-GE.2171) – will no longer be in the Pedagogy Program and therefore will no longer be granted the privilege of continuing to teach non-major voice lessons in the spring semester. Students who earn lower than a B in the spring course – Vocal Pedagogy: Practice (MPAVP-GE.2172) – will no longer be in the Pedagogy Program and will not be hired to teach the following year.

Voice Jury

At the end of two semesters of private voice study you are required to perform a voice jury. You must prepare a minimum of six (6) songs and must demonstrate that you are making vocal progress and are covering sufficient repertoire to enable you to prepare your Master’s Recital.

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