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Candid photo of 2 International Ed doctoral students sitting in class

PhD in International Education Student Profiles

Current Doctoral Student Spotlights

Amanda Blewitt

Amanda Blewitt's dissertation fieldwork explores how civil society actors and other citizens in Honduras — a fragile environment plagued by ongoing violence — view peace and their role in cultivating it.

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Arja Dayal

Arja Dayal is a second-year doctoral student in the International Education program at NYU Steinhardt. Her research interest lies in investigating issues of inclusive education for the marginalized groups in Africa and South Asia.

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Rena Deitz

Rena Deitz's research focuses on education in humanitarian contexts. She studies how children's holistic development and related interventions manifest across culture and context, and the influence of international aid.

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Haider Fancy

Haider Fancy is a Ph.D. candidate studying the power of narratives found within culture and religion to shape people’s experiences of the world.

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Kelly Gillespie

Kelly Gillespie is a first-year doctoral student in International Education at NYU. Her research interests focus on how non-formal education can decrease violence against refugee women.

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Abdul Hamid Hatsaandh

Abdul Hamid Hatsaandh is a second-year PhD student interested in everyday forms of resistance by students with a focus on Afghan girls' resistance against the Taliban's ban on girls' education in Afghanistan.

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Kristine Hart

Kristine Hart is in her second year of Ph.D. studies and she is interested in examining the evolution of Cambodia’s national education system from Cambodia's independence from France in 1953 to the abolishment of formal education.

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Alejandro Marti

Alejandro Martí is a second-year doctoral student in the International Education program, from which he also received his MA in 2010. He has worked in the field of global education and cross cultural exchange since 1999.

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Anthony Wagner

Learn more about Anthony's research on the public and democratic purposes of higher education in Brazil amidst the backdrop of changes to the country's public and private higher education sectors.

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