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We encourage our students to work closely with faculty members on research, publishing, grant writing, and any special project with which the faculty member happens to be engaged. Such opportunities allow our students to cultivate their own interests, learning about research and program management, expanding their networks, and building their skills along the way.

The Journal on Education in Emergencies (JEiE) is a double-blind, peer reviewed academic journal founded in 2014 by the Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) and housed at New York University’s International Education Program and Center for Practice and Research at the Intersection of Information, Society, and Methodology (PRIISM). In addition to research articles, field notes, and book reviews, we produce a podcast, Behind the Pages, which features interviews with JEiE authors who describe their research, fieldwork, and new innovations in EiE programming. We offer a number of paid positions to students—as editorial assistants, technical editors, and more. In these roles, students get to see the publication process up close and to meet leaders in the field.  

Experts Discuss Critical Issues in International Education

Education in Afghanistan: How to Move Forward

Amid Afghanistan's significant humanitarian crisis, the Taliban continue to ban secondary education for girls in most provinces. As foreign governments contemplate if and how to engage with the Taliban to support the population, it is essential that they understand what Afghans themselves think of the Taliban’s edicts, particularly with regard to girls’ education.

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