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PRIISM, the Center for Practice and Research at the Intersection of Information, Society, and Methodology, is an interdisciplinary center that builds capacity for researchers within academia and beyond to collect data, build inferential models and predictive algorithms, and communicate findings in impactful and socially responsible ways.

PRIISM Summer MathStats Bootcamp

PRIISM is offering a two week-long MathStats Bootcamp this August.

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Microsoft Funds Data Justice and Racial Equity Postdocs

Dr. Anne Washingson received a $375,000 gift from the Microsoft Corporation to fund two postdoctoral fellowships.

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Efficacy of Treatment for Childhood Speech Sound Disorder

Dr. McAllister and Dr. Scott use machine learning to identify the impact of treatments on speech development trajectories.

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The SuperDataScience Podcast with Dr. Jennifer Hill

Dr. Hill is interviewed on The SuperDataScience Podcast and discusses the challenges in answering causal questions and the role of machine learning and design.

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Jamaican Creole, an Underrepresented Language Context

Dr. McAllister published a paper alongside CSD alum Annika Canta highlighting an underrepresented language context, Jamaican Creole.

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Strategies for Getting More Honest Survey Responses

Drs. Burde, King, Harel, and Hill, and A3SR alum Seaman have published an article discussing how to elicit honest answers to sensitive questions.

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Equity in Transportation Finance and Bus Provision

Dr. Meryle Weinstein and colleagues published a paper that examined equity in transportation finance and bus provision in the United States.

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Dr. Harel Collaborates with McGill University

Dr. Harel is a co-investigator in a new study that will evaluate how data collection methods may influence sensitive mental health assessments.

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Dr. Ravi Shroff Wins Outstanding Paper Award

Dr. Shroff wins the Outstanding Paper Award at the 2022 International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) conference for work on causality and fairness.

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Swallowing-related fatigue among older adults

Dr. Harel is co-author on a paper with Communicative Sciences and Disorders (CSD) colleagues.

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Student Visualization Contest 2022 Winners

Spatial Distribution of Harassment Incidents against Asians and Pacific Islanders

Congratulations to Mitsuki Irihara, the winner of our 2022 PRIISM/A3SR student visualization competition!

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Total Infections of Covid-19 in China by Province

Congratulations to Yu Ran, the second place winner of our 2022 PRIISM/A3SR student visualization competition!

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Frequency of Violations at Childcare Centers in NYC, 2020 – 2022

Congratulations to Haoyujing He, the third place winner of our 2022 PRIISM/A3SR student visualization competition!

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Meet the faculty, researchers, students, and affiliates working at PRIISM

Meet the Team

MS, Applied Statistics for Social Science Research

PRIISM is highly integrated with the academic program of Applied Statistics for Social Science Research. Learn advanced quantitative research techniques and apply them to critical policy issues across social, behavioral, and health sciences.

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MA, Education and Social Policy

PRIISM is highly integrated with the academic program of Education and Social Policy. Learn how to use statistics, data sets, and research results to formulate, implement, and evaluate educational policies for grades K-12 and higher education.

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PRIISM Opportunity Fellowship

highly-selective fellowship is to support the growth and development of a promising student in their first year of the Applied Statistics for Social Science Research MS program.

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PRIISM Social Impact Research Fellowship Program

Funded by the Moore Sloan Data Science Environment at NYU. This program is no longer active.

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