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PRIISM, the Center for Practice and Research at the Intersection of Information, Society, and Methodology, is an interdisciplinary center that builds capacity for researchers within academia and beyond to collect data, build inferential models and predictive algorithms, and communicate findings in impactful and socially responsible ways.

PRIISM Seminar Series

Watch the latest PRIISM seminar on Accessible Casual Inference with NYU's George Perret. 


Online versus lab measures of speech perception

Drs. McAllister, Hill and colleagues show that valid measures of speech perception can be obtained both online and in person.

Student Self-Reports on Social-Emotional Surveys

Dr. Kanopka and colleagues show that changes in self-reported social-emotional measures predict changes in both achievement and attendance.

Academic Effects of Moving to Middle School

Kaitlyn O’Hagan, PRIISM researcher alum, and mentor Dr. Stiefel explore how the move to middle school differentially affects students with disabilities.

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Meet the faculty, researchers, students, and affiliates working at PRIISM

Meet the Team

MS, Applied Statistics for Social Science Research

PRIISM is highly integrated with the academic program of Applied Statistics for Social Science Research. Learn advanced quantitative research techniques and apply them to critical policy issues across social, behavioral, and health sciences.

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MA, Education and Social Policy

PRIISM is highly integrated with the academic program of Education and Social Policy. Learn how to use statistics, data sets, and research results to formulate, implement, and evaluate educational policies for grades K-12 and higher education.

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PRIISM Opportunity Fellowship

highly-selective fellowship is to support the growth and development of a promising student in their first year of the Applied Statistics for Social Science Research MS program.

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PRIISM Social Impact Research Fellowship Program

Funded by the Moore Sloan Data Science Environment at NYU. This program is no longer active.

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