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Bachelor of Music
Music Theory and Composition: Screen Scoring

Work closely with our faculty of internationally recognized composers, and receive intensive training in music composition, technology, and contemporary trends of music for media. Your music will be premiered in multiple concerts, participate in scoring recording sessions, and collaborate with filmmakers, game designers, and journalists.

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Bachelor of Music in Music Theory and Composition (concentration in Screen Scoring)

Full-time or Part-time
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Fall Early Decision 1
Fall Early Decision 2
Fall Regular Decision
Fall Internal Transfer Applications
Fall Transfer Applications

During your studies, you will:

  • Receive robust training in music theory and music core classes
  • Learn music history from a wide variety of approaches: from Western Music, to film music, to popular and world music traditions
  • Become proficient in instrumentation and orchestration, in one of the most extensive orchestration curricula in the country, taking at least 4 courses in the area. Practice your skills every week with guest performers and orchestral ensembles.
  • Have a private composition lesson every semester of your studies. Be part of multiple performances and collaborations.
  • Become proficient in the technology required to work in the field of screen scoring (DAW, sample libraries, synthesizers, game middleware). Learn how to record and mix your music.
  • Learn the aesthetics and techniques of music for the screen (film, videogames, TV, advertisements)
  • Spend many hours in the recording studio either in your recording sessions or working in the recording sessions of your peers.
  • Have more than 20 credits of electives to decide other areas of specialization, or to delve deeper into composition, songwriting, or scoring.

In our program, we believe in mentorship as one of the most efficient ways to help you develop your creative voice, your skills, and to help you become a solid professional. We believe in individual attention to help you develop your unique academic path and creative voice. This is why you will:

  • Have an advisor to help you in your academic decisions, and guide you through your studies and professional decisions
  • Have a very dedicated faculty and staff ready to assist you whenever needed. You will be mentored in the recording studio, when preparing portfolios, or when learning how to network and collaborate.
  • You will have an hour-long private lesson every week with a dedicated mentor and professional composer
  • You will have faculty helping you plan your recitals and performances.
  • We will help you find meaningful internships that will help you develop in purely professional settings

In addition to your classes, our program will provide you with a wide range of opportunities aimed to help you develop and to connect with the professional world:

  • Every year, we offer multiple readings with the NYU Symphony, residencies, and a film scoring competition with animations.
  • We collaborate with our performance programs such as the percussion ensemble, one-on-one collaborations with string performers or musical theater singers.
  • Our Composers Collective, a student-led organization, presents multiple concerts every semester, including the unsilent film series. In each of these concerts. Multiple pieces from our composers are premiered.
  • We connect you with the top film, and media schools in the city. Our students write music from more than 150 films, games, and documentaries every year.
  • We bring professionals almost every week to discuss their process and critique your work.


If you have any additional questions about our degree, please feel free to contact Dr. Sergi Casanelles at


Our students work with filmmakers in a variety of different contexts forging many successful and long-lasting relationships.

Recording and Performance

Students participate in recording sessions that serve as our laboratory for current scoring practices.


Our Friday@1 series presents conversations with some of the most renowned composers, songwriters, publishers, and industry executives in New York City and beyond.

Screen Scoring Summer Workshops

Hone your skills in scoring for TV, film, advertising, or videogames at one of our summer workshops.

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