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International Education Student Board

The International Education Student Board (IESB) is a board of International Education graduate students who are committed to creating both social and professional events for the International Education student body.   


Board positions are held for a year. It consists of a:


  • Spokesperson for the board
  • Attends all GSO meetings, acts as liaison between GSO and the board
  • Maintains communications with the faculty and board advisors
  • Runs board meetings effectively by sticking to the agenda
  • Delegates tasks at the end of each meeting

Key competencies: public speaking, strong listening skills, comfortable communicating with faculty, leadership skills.

Vice President

  • Sets the agenda at the end of each meeting and posts 3 days prior to subsequent meeting in DropBox
  • Responsible for printing agenda for each meeting and other necessary materials
  • Responsible for securing the location of the board meeting
  • Emails board members reminders to add to the agenda
  • When Chair is not available, serves as ex officio at GSO meetings and board meetings

Key competencies: ability to keep time and run efficient board meetings.


  • Record minutes at each meeting and send them to the board in the next two days
  • Maintain an ongoing document to evaluate each IESB event
  • Create IESB information sheets for orientations and other events
  • Create initial cohort interest survey
  • Responsible for organizing the documents in Dropbox (board applications, minutes, etc.)
  • Assists other members of the board with their duties as necessary

Key competencies: fast and efficient typing capabilities, comfortable with computers.


  • Oversees applications for GSO funding
  • Responsible for tracking and managing budget expenditures and receipts
  • Responsible for gathering receipts after events
  • Reports current fiscal standing to the board

Key competencies: comfortable with numbers and handling money.

Communications Officer

  • Maintains and updates the IESB website, Facebook page, listserve, e-vites and announcements
  • Designs e-vites and flyers for events
  • Responsible for in-class announcements of board events
  • Liaison to International Education study body
  • Distributes announcements for newsletter to advisor
  • Responsible for responding to IESB emails
  • Responsible for recruiting volunteers when necessary
  • Searches out and contacts NYU groups outside the department and other organizations outside the university
  • Contacts these groups and/or distributes events when relevant

Key competencies: web design skills preferred, active in social media network.

Events Coordinator

  • Responsible for collecting activity/event ideas from the student body and board
  • Presents the logistics of the top-rated events to board members
  • Delegates activity-related tasks to board members at meetings
  • Follows up with board members on assignments
  • Coordinates and implements all IESB-sponsored events

Key competencies: comfortable speaking with outside vendors, comfortable assigning tasks to board members and reminding them to complete assignments, familiarity with NYU-area is preferred but not required.

If you are interested in applying for a position on the next student board, please click on the "Apply" tab for information. Email us if you have any questions

Current Board Members (2020-2021)

Noa Watkins, President

International Education student Noa WatkinsNoa completed her BA in Peace & Global Studies and Anthropology at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY. During undergrad, she was a global fellow in Brazil, studied abroad in Barcelona, and taught English in Italy and Austria. After graduation, she volunteered with the Peace Corps in South Africa teaching English. She’s currently pursuing her MA in International Education at NYU and interning at the non-profit organization, One To World. She’s interested in cultural/academic exchange and building relationships abroad. Noa and the rest of IESB are passionate about building community among the NYU IE program and are hoping to see you at events soon!




Samantha Colon, Vice President

International Education student Samantha Colon Samantha obtained her Bachelor of Arts in English with a specialization in writing from Johnson & Wales University located in Providence, RI. During her time in Providence, Samantha focused on her creative works by attending writing groups and poetry workshops, and soon began working as a Writing Coach for her Johnson & Wales. Mainly working with first-year, graduate, and international students, she fell in love with her work there. And after studying for a time at CIEE in Berlin, she was once again exposed to working alongside those in the international community. Upon graduation, she applied for Steinhardt’s International Education (MA) program focusing on the decolonization of aid/racism in aid, community-based education, and grassroots organizations. She is excited to get to know all in the NYU IE community and is looking forward to seeing you at the next IESB event!


Phil Reeves, Secretary/Treasurer

International Education student Phil Reeves
Phil is a part-time student in the International Education program with an interest in study abroad and the process of immigration in relation to student visas. He received his undergraduate degree from The King’s College here in Manhattan. He studied Politics, Philosophy, and Economics with a main interest in international development. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, he’s been in NYC for 5 years. His odd interests are New Zealand and Rhode Island. His normal interests are British soccer and finding a good cup of coffee or a tasty new bourbon. He’s very excited to meet the community and work with IESB this year!


Liz Parks, Events Coordinator

International Education student Liz ParksLiz obtained her Bachelor of Science from James Madison University, in Harrisonburg, VA, where she studied elementary education and TESOL. Teaching ESL in both rural and urban settings throughout her undergraduate career inspired Liz to pursue her M.A. at NYU in International Education. She is passionate about using research and evaluation to promote educational equity for all. Liz currently works at Global Cities, inc. where she manages and evaluates the digital global exchange experience of 13,000+ middle schoolers in urban settings around the world. Specializing in International Development/Education, Peace, Conflict & Humanitarian Action, Liz hopes to evaluate international development programming to support accessibility, equity, and effectiveness. Especially during this unprecedented time, it has been such a pleasure for her to help provide ways to build community and connect with her colleagues virtually, through IESB.

Abby Blair, Communications Officer

International Education student Abby BlairAbby received her Bachelors of Science in Sociology and minor in Gerontology from Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA. She is a full time student in the International Education program with an interest in study abroad and cultural exchange. She spent her time before starting this program teaching and loves working with children and volunteering at the senior center teaching a technology class. She is originally from Savannah, GA and loves the warm weather. Her interests include traveling, Taylor Swift, and TikTok.