NYU Educational Theatre Forum 2018: Performance as Activism

NYU Educational Theatre Forum 2018: Performance as Activism

April 19-21, 2018

Join us in an exploration of the concepts of Performance and Activism, investigating how these notions intersect, inform, and collide. Theatre and performance artists, scholars, and teachers are invited to come together to share ideas, vocabularies, strategies, and techniques, centering on the varying definitions and practices of performance as activism.

During this event, hosted by NYU’s Program in Educational Theatre, participants will consider the following questions:

  • How is activism defined and/or redefined in 2018?

  • How can performance be used to spark dialogue and engage classrooms and communities in critical exchange?

  • How can performance be used powerfully and effectively to promote social change?

  • How do artists and educators present performance material that is inspirational and aesthetically driven while also having an enduring cultural influence?

Call for Proposals


We invite the global community to submit session proposals dealing with research, artistry, and practice. Proposals can be submitted for workshops, papers, narratives, and performances that address the guiding questions listed above. Submissions are due by Monday, January 15, 2018 (11:59pm, EST), and we strive to notify potential presenters by February 19. We encourage new researchers and practitioners to submit proposals as well, so we can include new voices in the discourse.

Papers and Narratives (30 minutes):

We invite authors to submit a proposal for the presentation of a paper or narrative. Papers and narratives must be grounded in research, artistry, or practice and should somehow address the guiding questions for the forum. Proposals should outline elements of the research, practice, and/or theory-focused work the author wishes to present. Accepted papers and narratives will be organized as much as possible into thematic sessions. 30 minutes will be designated to these presentations: 20 minutes to present and 10 minutes for Q&A.

Workshops (45 or 90 minutes):

We invite practitioners to apply to facilitate workshops relating to the creation and presentation of performance as activism. Proposals should outline the details of the workshop: who are the targeted participants, how will the workshop address the forum’s guiding questions, what strategies will the facilitator(s) demonstrate, and how will the participants later apply this approach to their own work? Workshops will be held in an open workshop space. Workshops may be provided with a 45 or 90-minute timeslot and accepted practitioners should allow time within that period for discussion.

Artistic Sharings (45 minutes):

We invite authors to apply to share examples of performance as activism. Proposals should outline elements of research, artistry, practice and/or theory-focused work embedded within the piece. Proposed sharings should have already been staged and/or presented for an audience in another venue prior to their inclusion in the forum and could be comprised of a scene, scenes or the entire piece. Please note: Sharings will be staged in a workshop space, and will not receive technical support. Sharings will be provided with a 45-minute time slot and accepted presenters should allow time within that period for discussion of the work (i.e. 30 minute sharing/ 15 minute discussion)

Submission Instructions

The submission and review of proposals for the 2018 NYU Forum Performance as Activism will be managed through an online conference proposal management system called EasyChair. This system gives you, the author, complete control over your submission. You can upload your abstract and check on the review status of your submission.

Please use the template below and submit through the ABSTRACT box on EASYCHAIR Do not upload additional documents - they will not be reviewed.

Under topic, please choose your type of proposal

Title of Proposal:
Type (Paper or Narrative, Workshop, Performance):
Abstract (250 words maximum describing your session):
Relevance (250 words maximum describing how your proposal addresses the themes of the conference):
Biographical Statement (150 word maximum per presenter):

Proposals will be peer reviewed. Submissions are due by Monday, January 15, 2018 (11:59pm, EST). Authors/applicants will be notified of the outcome by February 19, 2018.

Click here to submit your proposal.

Additional instructions for creating an EasyChair account and submitting a proposal are available hereFeel free to submit any additional questions to nyuforum2018@gmail.com.

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We look forward to seeing you at NYU in the spring!


The 2018 NYU Forum Committee
Dr. Nan Smithner, Chair