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Educational Theatre

Open to undergraduate students not already majoring in Educational Theatre, this minor helps you build a foundation in educational theatre topics.


Degree Details

Official Degree Title

Minor in Educational Theatre

Full-time or Part-time

What You'll Learn

In this minor, you'll have the ability to focus on areas such as acting fundamentals, introduction to educational theatre, theatre as an art form, and the theory of creative drama. You can also choose electives such as Stagecraft, Directing, Playwriting, and Masks and Puppetry.

By engaging in courses in production and performance, as well as exploring pedagogical approaches to teaching drama, you are introduced to the transformative potential of the theatre arts. You'll be able to investigate possible career paths as a theatre artist or educator in schools, cultural institutions, or community settings.


Required Courses (10 points):

  • Acting Fundamentals MPAET-UE.1050 (2-3 points*) OR 
    Scene Study MPAET-UE.1051 (2-3 points*)
  • Introduction to Educational Theatre MPAET-UE.0050 (4 points) AND/OR 
    Theatre as an Art Form MPAET-UE.60 (4 points)
  • Theory of Creative Drama MPAET-UE.1065 (2 points) OR 
    Methods of Conducting Creative Drama MPAET-UE.1067 (3 points)

*Tisch School of the Arts may substitute other courses for acting courses, by advisement.

Select two ­to three elective courses by advisement (6-8 points):

  • Stagecraft MPAET-UE.0009 (2-4 points)
  • Directing MPAET-UE.1081 (3 points)
  • Styles of Acting and Directing I MPAET-UE.1099 
    Styles of Acting and Directing II MPAET-UE.1100 (3 points)
  • Intro to Theatre for Young Audiences MPAET-UE.1005 (2-4 points)
  • Dramatic Activities in the Elementary Classroom MPAET-UE.1029 (2 points)
  • Dramatic Activities in the Secondary Classroom MPAET-UE.1068 (2 points)
  • Masks and Puppetry MPAET-UE.1079 (3 points)
  • Beginning Playwriting MPAET-UE.1105 (2 points)
  • Physical Theatre MPAET-UE.1113 (3 points)


If you have any additional questions about our degree, please feel free to contact Nancy Smithner at