PhD in Sociology of Education

Doctoral Admissions

See the Office of Graduate Admissions page for information on the application process.

Prospective applicants are encouraged (though not required) to schedule an in-person meeting with members of the program faculty. For applicants who live away from New York City, a telephone meeting may be arranged. We always welcome e-mail communication from prospective students. 


Steinhardt Fellows Program and Research Assistantships

We offer a competitive funding program for full-time PhD students that supports tuition and living expenses. The Steinhardt Fellows program is designed to help PhD students undertake full-time study and research, to participate in superior academic and scholarly experiences, and to complete their studies in a timely manner. Students in the PhD in Sociology of Education receive three years of fellowship (full tuition and fees, student health insurance, and a living stipend of $23,000) and one year of scholarship (scholarship stipend of $15,000). In addition, each of the School's academic departments has developed a set of benchmarks and milestones, such as conference presentations, exhibitions, authored manuscripts, grant submissions, and sample syllabi, that faculty mentors help their students achieve in order to prepare them academically and professionally for post-doctoral work.

See more information about doctoral funding

Selected doctoral students may alternatively be appointed to a Research Assistantship. Research Assistants are funded by external grants and work with a principal investigator on a funded research project. Unlike Steinhardt Fellows, RAs agree to work 20 hours per week on an ongoing research project, typically with a team of faculty and other students. Steinhardt Fellows may become Research Assistants when Steinhardt faculty win funding for projects that require research assistance.

All admitted full-time PhD students are awarded a full funding package and are assigned to a faculty mentor. There is no special application for this funding program.

Other Important Admissions Matters

The Program considers applications once during the year in the spring for enrollment the following summer or fall. Meeting the school's application deadlines is especially important for students seeking financial assistance.

Even though the above basic criteria may be met by a student, admissions each year are also limited by (1) the extent to which the faculty members are able to take on new doctoral students, and (2) the number of qualified students who apply. Given the availability of open slots, the most qualified students will be admitted.

Applicants who are rejected and who wish to appeal the decision have that option by written request to the program faculty. Reason(s) for the appeal and supporting documents must be included.