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How to Submit Transcripts in the Graduate Application

As part of your online application, you must add your official transcripts to the Academic History section of the application and include all postsecondary institutions you attended. This includes institutions where you received transfer credit or did not complete a degree. If you received multiple degrees from the same institution, and added the school multiple times to reflect the degrees, please upload the transcript in each instance of the school. You must upload all transcripts to the online application prior to submission; do not send them to our office by mail or electronically if you were successfully able to upload an official copy of your transcript to the application. 

We cannot accept and will not view transcripts that are not issued directly by the transcript office/registrar of your institution or a clearinghouse (e.g., Parchment, or National Clearinghouse). Uploading unofficial transcripts will delay the processing, review, and decision for your application.

If your transcript is not issued in English you will need to upload a certified or notarized English translation along with the transcript in its original language. 

Do not email us transcripts you successfully uploaded to the online application. If you are admitted and plan to enroll at NYU Steinhardt you will be provided with instructions on how to submit your final official transcripts before starting your studies.

Transcript Upload Steps

  1. Request that each school send you an official transcript, either by mail or electronically. Do not mail or email transcripts to us that you can successfully receive from your institution directly.
  2. Upon receipt of the transcript, either open up the envelope, even if it says it will invalidate the transcript, or download your electronic transcript.
  3. For hard copy transcripts, scan the received transcript into one of the accepted file formats (.pdf, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .tiff, .png, or bitmap). For electronic transcripts, check that it is in an accepted format. If your scanned or downloaded transcript from your school has any watermark such as “copy” it will be acceptable for the application review process.
  4. Upload your transcript to the online application in the Academic History section, where you added the institution.
  5. Retain your transcripts for your records. You do not need to send them to our office.

Transcripts from Outside the United States or Canada

You must have the equivalent of a regionally accredited four-year US bachelor's degree before beginning your studies at NYU Steinhardt to be considered for admission. If you hold an artist diploma you may be considered for the Music Performance, Music Theory, or Music Composition programs.

We require all applicants who have completed, or are completing, undergraduate and/or graduate degrees at institutions outside of the US or Canada to provide translation and a course-by-course evaluation of their transcripts. However, if one of your undergraduate or graduate degrees was received or will be received by an accredited institution in the US or Canada, this evaluation requirement may be waived.

The course-by-course evaluation helps us understand how your grades compare to grades in the US education system as well as what the equivalent US degree is.

We have two approved agencies that can prepare your required course-by-course evaluation:

Applicants with a three year international degree and applicants with credentials from India are strongly encouraged to use WES.

We do not require evaluations for applicants who spent a semester or year of study abroad as part of their US or Canadian undergraduate degree studies, nor is it required if you attended an English-language institution outside the US that is regionally accredited through the Council for Higher Accreditation (CHEA), recognized by the US Department of Education.

How to send Materials to our Office

If you plan to send transcripts/evaluation to NYU Steinhardt Office of Graduate Admissions, please review these instructions.