International Education Student Board

Who We Are:

The International Education Student Board (IESB) is a board of International Education graduate students who are committed to creating both social and professional events for the International Education student body.   


Board positions are held for a year. It consists of a:

  • Spokesperson for the board
  • Attends all GSO meetings, acts as liaison between GSO and the board
  • Maintains communications with the faculty and board advisors
  • Runs board meetings effectively by sticking to the agenda
  • Delegates tasks at the end of each meeting
Key competencies: public speaking, strong listening skills, comfortable communicating with faculty, leadership skills.

  • Sets the agenda at the end of each meeting and posts 3 days prior to subsequent meeting in DropBox
  • Responsible for printing agenda for each meeting and other necessary materials
  • Responsible for securing the location of the board meeting
  • Emails board members reminders to add to the agenda
  • When Chair is not available, serves as ex officio at GSO meetings and board meetings
Key competencies: ability to keep time and run efficient board meetings.

  • Record minutes at each meeting and send them to the board in the next two days
  • Maintain an ongoing document to evaluate each IESB event
  • Create IESB information sheets for orientations and other events
  • Create initial cohort interest survey
  • Responsible for organizing the documents in Dropbox (board applications, minutes, etc.)
  • Assists other members of the board with their duties as necessary
Key competencies: fast and efficient typing capabilities, comfortable with computers.

  • Oversees applications for GSO funding
  • Responsible for tracking and managing budget expenditures and receipts
  • Responsible for gathering receipts after events
  • Reports current fiscal standing to the board
Key competencies: comfortable with numbers and handling money.

  • Maintains and updates the IESB website, Facebook page, listserve, e-vites and announcements
  • Designs e-vites and flyers for events
  • Responsible for in-class announcements of board events
  • Liaison to International Education study body
  • Distributes announcements for newsletter to advisor
  • Responsible for responding to IESB emails
  • Responsible for recruiting volunteers when necessary
  • Searches out and contacts NYU groups outside the department and other organizations outside the university
  • Contacts these groups and/or distributes events when relevant
Key competencies: web design skills preferred, active in social media network.

  • Responsible for collecting activity/event ideas from the student body and board
  • Presents the logistics of the top-rated events to board members
  • Delegates activity-related tasks to board members at meetings
  • Follows up with board members on assignments
  • Coordinates and implements all IESB-sponsored events
Key competencies: comfortable speaking with outside vendors, comfortable assigning tasks to board members and reminding them to complete assignments, familiarity with NYU-area is preferred but not required.

If you are interested in applying for a position on the next student board, please click on the "Apply" tab for information. Email us if you have any questions.