MA in International Education

Global Study Opportunities

As a student in the International Education program, you can incorporate extraordinary global experiences into your course of study.

Courses and internships abroad offer you opportunities to enhance your area studies concentrations and to participate in individualized research projects, professional development, and network with people in the international education community.

The Steinhardt School offers one of the most extensive graduate study abroad programs in the country!  You may participate in a study abroad program in January, over Spring Break or during the summer in such locations as India, South Africa, Argentina, China or Brazil. You can also complete your internship requirement through Steinhardt's Internship Abroad program.

To learn more about NYU Steinhardt’s Global Studies offerings visit Steinhardt Global Program.

"The Education and Social Reform course I took in South Africa was one of the most fascinating and engaging educational experiences I have ever had. Meeting with a variety of stakeholders, including policy makers, educators, non-profit professionals and a variety of students, helped bring the IE curriculum to life."
                            -Asya Dinets, MA graduate

Intern Abroad

NYU Steinhardt offers a 7-week internship opportunity abroad in places like Udaipur, India and Accra, Ghana to graduate students in the International Education program.  Participants design and implement community-driven projects in local non-government organizations (NGOs) in areas including, but not limited to:  health/education programming for laborers, rural education programming for girls, microenterprise programming, child rights awareness and women’s empowerment initiatives at the village level and in tribal communities.

Read about five students and their internship experiences in Udaipur, India.

To see some ways in which you can incorporate study abroad into your plan of studies, check out our Sample Course Schedules.