MA in International Education

Global Study Opportunities

As a student in the International Education program, you can incorporate extraordinary global experiences into your course of study. Courses and internships abroad offer you opportunities to enhance your area studies concentrations and to participate in individualized research projects, professional development, and network with people in the international education community.

The Steinhardt School offers one of the most extensive graduate study abroad programs in the country! You may participate in a study abroad program in January, over Spring Break or during the summer in such locations as India, South Africa, Argentina, China or Brazil. You can also complete your internship requirement through Steinhardt's Intern Abroad program.

"During my time in Hong Kong and Shanghai, we visited secondary schools and universities to learn more about the Chinese education system and conduct research projects. I examined Chinese students’ engagement with internationalization in the classroom. Spending time talking to students and teachers offered me incredible insight on internationalization as an active, conscious process in the classroom and how its manifestation differs throughout China. After completing the program, I feel that I gained skills in cross-cultural communication and that I am better prepared to pursue similar qualitative research projects in the future."                                                              -Alexa Ball, '17 MA graduate

In June 2019, Professor Carol Anne Spreen will be teaching INTE-GE 2862: International Development and Education. This course gives students firsthand experience with pressing issues in international development and education including access and quality education; addressing educational inequalities; the roles of culture, history, politics and colonization in education; and the place of international development actors.

Intern Abroad

NYU Steinhardt offers an intensive internship opportunity abroad all over the world for graduate students. In the past, students have designed and implemented community-driven development projects for international organizations, local government departments and schools, and NGOs in places like Pretoria, South Africa (4 weeks) and Accra, Ghana (6 weeks).

 "I spent the summer in Ghana for to complete my internship at the Human Rights and Advocacy Centre in Accra. During my internship I conducted research on human rights violations in West Africa, with a focus on education. I had the opportunity to attend conferences with local chiefs, civil service organizations, and government officials. My entire experience in Ghana was amazing and allowed me to gain a practical understanding of what it can be like to work in the field of international development."             -Ashley Bertolini, '17 MA graduate

To see some ways in which you can incorporate study abroad into your plan of studies, check out our Sample Course Schedules.