BA in Education Studies

Areas of Specialization

As an Education Studies major, you will have the opportunity to specialize and to develop expertise in one of Area of Specialization. There are four different Areas of Specialization, detailed below. Students will select an Area of Specialization through advisement, and seek out courses in the area with their adviser, and through Academic Planner. The courses listed below are just a short-list of options. 

Students are required to take 16 points (approximately four courses) in one of the following areas listed below.

Global and Urban Education 

Sample list of classes that fulfill this specialization:
SOED-UE.1214 Education and Development in Latin America 
SOED-UE. 1015 Education as a Social Institution 
INTE-UE. 11 Globalization and Education
INTE-UE.1545 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the New Immigration 
HSED-UE.1028 Schooling in Diverse Societies 
HSED-UE. 1033 Global Culture Wars
HSED-UE. 610 Education and the American Dream
INTE-UE. 1010 International Human Rights Activism and Education
INTE-UE. 1011 Billionaires, Best Intentions, and Public Education 
PHED-UE. 1016 Religion and Public Education in an International Context 
MCC-UE. 1401 Global Cultures and Identities
MCC-UE. 1025 Race and Media
SCA-UA. 613 Community Empowerment
POL-UA. 360 Urban Government and Politics

Politics, Policies, and Social Entrepreneurship 

Sample list of classes that fulfill this specialization:
INTE-UE. 1532 Terrorism, Extremism, and Education 
INTE-UE. 1013 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies
INTE-.UE. 1028 Comparative Politics, Education, and Conflict
HSED-UE. 615 Revolt on Campus: US Protest in the 20th Century
SCA-UA.610 Law and Urban Problems 
MCC-UE 1745 Organizational Communication
MCC-UE. 1304 Global Media and International Law
MCC-UE. 1305 Communication and International Development 
UPADM-GP.101 The Politics of Public Policy
UPADM-GP 264 Understanding Social Entrepreneurship 
UPADM-GP 265 Fundamentals of Social Entrepreneurship: Problem Solving and Innovation 
UPADM-GP 102 Introduction to Public Service 
UPADM-GP.242 The Business of Nonprofit Management 
POL-UA. 300 Power and Politics in America
POL-UA. 306 Public Policy
POL-UA. 335 Law and Society 

Arts, Languages, and Cultures

Sample list of classes that fulfill this specialization:
SOED-UE.1030 Art and the City: A Sociological Perspective 
SOED-UE. 20 American Social Movements: Power, Resistance, and Identity
TCHL-UE. 1030 Language Acquisition and Literacy Education in a Multilingual and Multicultural Context
ARTCR-UE.55 Art of Now 
ARTCR-UE.10 Art: Practice and Ideas 
ARTCR-UE.50 Modern Art and Contemporary Culture 
ENGED-UE.1205 Hip Hop and the Teaching of English 
MCC-UE. 1019 Media and Identity
MCC-UE. 1401 Global Cultures and Identities 
MCC-UE. 1345 Fashion and Power
HSED-UE. 1030 Americans Abroad
MPAET-UE. 50 Introduction to Educational Theatre
SCA-UA. 115 Black and Urban Studies
SCA-UA. 157 Hip Hop and Politics
SCA-UA. 541 Topics in Latino Studies

Families, Community Health, and Human Development 

Sample list of classes that fulfill this specialization:
SOED-UE. 1050 LGBT Topics in Education
UGPH-GU. 10 Health and Society in a Global Context
UGPH-GU. 30 Epidemiology for Global Health
UGPH-GU. 35 Behavioral Risk-taking in the Global Context
CSCD-UE.1210 Reading and Writing in Children with Speech and Language Disorders  
APSY-UE.1278 Families, Schools, and Child Development
APSY-UE 1014 – Educational Psychology 
APSY-UE 1040 – Students in the Community: Service, Leadership, and Training 
APSY-UE 1270 – Social Intervention in Schools and Communities 
TCHL-UE.1 Inquiries into Teaching and Learning I
ECED-UE.1019 Learning and Experience in Family, School, and Community
SCIED-UE.1050 Using New York City’s Nonformal Science Resources to Teach Science
MCC-UE.1026 Disability, Technology and Media 
MCC-UE. 1408 Queer Identity and Popular Culture
FOOD-UE. 1051 Food and Identity
UNDSW-US. 55 Diversity, Racism, Oppression, and Privilege
UNDSW-US. 62 Social Work - Family Violence


Current students should meet with their adviser to choose their specialization, and to decide what classes to take in order to fulfill this requirement. Contact the Education Studies adviser for more information.