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Nutrition and Dietetics

Bachelor of Science
Nutrition and Food Studies

The undergraduate BS degree in Nutrition and Food Studies offers two concentrations: Food Studies or Nutrition and Dietetics.

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Bachelor of Science
Global Public Health / Nutrition and Dietetics

The Global Public Health/Nutrition and Dietetics combined undergraduate major educates students on the role of food, nutrition, and health in society.


Bachelor of Science / Master of Public Health
Global Public Health and Nutrition / Public Health Nutrition
Dual Degree

This dual degree allows you to earn a bachelor of science in Global Public Health/Nutrition and Dietetics and a master of public health in Public Health Nutrition in as little as five years.


Master of Science
Nutrition and Dietetics: 40-Credit Clinical Nutrition
Pre-Professional Degree

The 40-credit MS in Nutrition and Dietetics with a Concentration in Clinical Nutrition will put you on track toward attaining Registered Dietitian Nutritionist credentials.


Master of Science
Nutrition and Dietetics: 34-Credit Clinical Nutrition

If you’re a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist or have already completed a dietetic internship, the 34-credit master’s in Nutrition and Dietetics will further develop and advance your clinical dietetics training.


Master of Science
Nutrition and Dietetics: Foods and Nutrition

This MS is for students interested in advanced academic training in food and nutrition to further their careers in fields like medicine or dentistry.


Doctor of Philosophy
Nutrition and Dietetics

Combining rigorous course work with research, PhD students pursue the Nutrition and Dietetics doctoral degree to hone their independent investigative skills.


Nutrition and Dietetics

The 16-credit undergraduate minor in Nutrition provides students of all majors with a basic understanding of nutrition for healthy living.

Degree Details
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Nutrition and Food Studies

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