Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

The Music Technology faculty members are active in the local and international music field, as well as the recording, television and film industries. Their extensive experience enables them to advise students on contemporary issues of the field. Click on faculty pictures for expanded bios and profiles (not available for all).

Dr. Robert Rowe Program Director
rr6@nyu.edu | Website: wp.nyu.edu/robert_rowe

Dr. Rowe's music is performed throughout North America, Europe, and Japan and is available on compact discs from Urlicht, Innova, Bridge, New World, Roméo, Quindecim, Harmonia Mundi, and the International Computer Music Association, and his book/CD-ROM projects Interactive Music Systems (1993) and Machine Musicianship (2001) are available from the MIT Press.

Classes: MPATE-GE 2047 - Advanced Computer Music Composition, MPATC-GE 2042 - Psychology of Music


Dr. Agnieszka Roginska - Associate Director
Dr. Roginska’s current research interests include spatial sound and acoustic environment simulation, HRTF measurement techniques, auditory displays and its applications in augmented acoustic sensing. Dr. Agnieszka Roginska received a Ph.D. in Music Technology from Northwestern University.
Classes: MPATE-GE 2599: Fundamentals of Digital Signal Theory, MPATE-GE 2613: 3D Audio


Dr. Juan Bello
jpbello@nyu.edu | Website: http://homepages.nyu.edu/~jb2843
Dr. Bello’s current research is mainly focused on the semantic analysis of musical signals and its applications to music information retrieval, digital audio effects, and live electronics. Dr Juan Bello did his doctoral work at the Electronic Engineering department at Queen Mary University of London.
Classes: MPATE-GE 2623: Music Information Retrieval, MPATE-GE 2616 Colloquy in Music Technology, MPATE-UE 1801 Fundamentals of Music technology


Dr. R. Luke Dubois
dubois@nyu.edu | Website: http://lukedubois.com
Luke DuBois is a composer, artist, and software engineer working at the intersection of engineering and creative practice. From 2000-20008, DuBois worked for Cycling'74 as one of the developers of Max/MSP/Jitter. DuBois received his doctorate in music composition from Columbia University, and teaches in a triple appointment at NYU between Music Technology, Integrated Digital Media (NYU Tandon), and the Interactive Telecommunications Program (NYU Tisch).
ClassesMPATE-GE 2633: Multichannel Media Installation and Performance


Dr. Mary Farbood
Website: http://pages.nyu.edu/~mmf9
Dr. Farbood's research encompasses topics in music cognition and computational modeling of music. She received her A.B. from Harvard College and S.M. and Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Her research focuses on how listeners perceive musical structures and how these cognitive processes can be modeled computationally. 
Classes: MPATE-GE 2204 Music Cognition, MPATE-GE2618 C Programming for Music Technology, MPATE-GE 2616 Colloquy in Music Technology, MPATC-GE 2441 Baroque Performance Practice, MPAPE-UE 1080.025 Baroque Ensemble


Paul Geluso
Paul Geluso is a music recordist, mixing and mastering engineer specializing in multi-channel sound. In addition to audio engineering, he has worked professionally as a musician, producer, composer, sound artist and electrical engineer.
Classes: MPATE-GE 1001 Recording Technology I, MPATE-GE 1003 Recording Technology II, MPATE-GE 2611 Concert Recording 1 (Tonmeister), MPATE-GE 2612 Concert Recording 2 (Tonmeister), MPATE-GE 2629 Advanced Audio Production

Paul Geluso Faculty Profile from NYU Steinhardt on Vimeo.

Dr. S. Alex Ruthmann
Dr. Ruthmann is a researcher, educator, and musician whose research and practice explores new media musicianship, creative computing, the creative processes of young musical creators, and the development of music and media technologies for use in school- and community-based youth programs.

Dr. Tae Hong Park
Dr. Park is a composer, music technologist, and bassist. His work focuses on composition, machine learning and computer-aided music analysis, timbre, and audio DSP. He is Chief Editor of Journal SEAMUS, President of ICMA, and serves as editorial staff at Computer Music Journal.
Classes: MPATE-GE 2607 Adv Digital Signal Theory (Spring), MPATE-GE 2047 Adv Computer Music Composition (Fall)


Tom Beyer
Tom Beyer is the chief systems engineer for the Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions as well as a composer, percussionist and educator.
Classes: MPATE-UE 1010 Audio for Video I, MPATE-UE 1037 Electronic Music Synthesis, MPAIA-GE 2031 Collaborative Projects in the Performing Arts


Tim Bolstad
Tim Bolstad is the Network Technician for the Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions as well as a iOS developer focussing on music applications. http://timbolstad.com/


Isabel Diaz-Cassou
Sound designer, composer, music technologist, Isabel Diaz-Cassou’s work focuses on the relationships between sound, music and the moving image.
Classes: MPATE-UE 1010 Audio for Video I, MPATE-GE 2621 Audio for Video II


Joel Chadabe
Joel Chadabe, composer, author, and teacher - is an internationally recognized pioneer in the development of interactive music systems.
: MPATE-GE 2609 Electronic Music Performance, MPATE-GE 2038 Creating with Interactive Media


Jean-Luc Cohen
Jean-Luc Cohen is a sound designer, composer and programmer whose work you have likely heard in some of your favorite action-packed video games.
Classes: MPATE-GE 2037 Software Synthesis, MPATE-GE 2604 Audio For Games


Langdon Crawford
Langdon Crawford aka langsound is a music technologist, designer and educator whose work focuses on the intersections between art, science and human expression.
Classes: MPATE-UE 1010 A/V 1 for non-majors, MPATE-UE 1827 Electronics I Lab, MPATE-UE 1828 Electronics II Lab, MPATE-GE 2590 Intro to Music Technology for Non-Majors

Tom Dozci
Tom Dozci Coordinates the concert documentation and studio maintenance crews for the Department Music and Performing Arts Professions. 
Classes: MPATE-UE 1011 Concert Recording 1


Nick Didkovsky
Nick Didkovsky is a guitarist, composer, and software programmer.  His work in Java helps composers generate not only new music but new processes for composing.
: MPATE-GE 2608 Java Music Systems


William David Fastenow
Website: http://www.park-boulevard.com/
William David Fastenow is a media artist, producer, educator, and entrepreneur. Mr. Fastenow owns and operates Park Boulevard Productions, is Technical Director of the Music Technology Center and Adjunct Faculty at The Juilliard School, and is adjunct faculty at New York University.
ClassesMPATE-GE 2631  The Art of Live Sound Reinforcement


Gary Filadelfo
Gary Filadelfo is a composer, plublisher and voting member of the The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.
: MPATE-UE 1022 Recording Technology for Non Majors


Joshua Fried
Joshua Fried, also known as Radio Wonderland, is a composer and performer who uses software technology and novel interfaces to create new accessible musical experience from live sampling of broadcast sound sources.
Classes: MPATE-GE 2614 Max 1


Jake Glanz
Jake Glanz is Director of Broadcast Engineering at Sirius Satellite Radio.
: MPATE-UE 1008 Studio Maintenance, MPATE-UE 1009 Studio Maintenance 2


Barry Greenhut
Barry Greenhut is a composer and software design manager whose work finds clarity through a solid understanding of the needs of the piece or the project.
Classes: MPATE-GE 2036 Adv. Musical Acoustics


J. Chris Griffin

J. Chris Griffin is heavily involved in the Music industry, working on records with John Legend, Kanye West, Madonna, Missy Elliott, Kelly Clarkson, JoJo, UK groups Mis-Teeq and The Corrs, Russian superstar Sasha and jazz guitarist John McLaughlin. He is based out of Engine Room Audio in Manhattan.
Classes: MPATE-UE 1022 Recording Technology for Non Majors


Paul Howells


Matt Kulewicz


Brandie Lane


Andrew Madden

Peter McCulloch

Peter McCulloch
Peter McCulloch is a composer and researcher whose work features human-computer interactivity and computer-assisted composition.
Classes: MPATE-UE 1037 Computer Music Synthesis


Dafna Naphtali
Dafna Naphtali is an active composer/performer on the New York scene, creating work using interactive audio and live audio processing. She teaches Advanced Max/MSP, Private Composition and Electronic Music Performance as well as in our summer programs including GEMS (Girls Electronic Music Seminar) for middle school girls.
Classes: MPATE-GE 2610 Advanced Max/MSP, MPATE-GE 2609 & MPATE-UE 1019 Electronic Music Performance


Leigh Newsome
Leigh Newsome is an audio and video technology executive with over 17 years of experience innovating consumer and B2B products, executive/senior management, team leadership, and application development. 
Classes: MPATE-GE 2628 Audio For the Web


Dr. Ronald Sadoff
Dr. Ron Sadoff is the Director of the Department of Music and Performing arts Professions. He is co-editor of the Univ. of Illinois Press journal Music and the Moving Image and Director of the annual NYU/ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop.


Morton Subotnick


Allan Tucker


Leszek Wojcik
Leszek Wojcik is the Recording Studio Manager for Carnegie Hall.
Classes: MPATE-GE 2629 Advanced Audio Production

Steven Litt
Steven Litt is a designer, programmer, and musician currently living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
Classes: MPATE-UE 1827 Electronics Lab I,  MPATE-UE 1828 Electronics Lab II

Julia Caruso
Julia Caruso is the Studio Manager for the Music Technology Department.