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The Advanced Certificate Program is for practitioners and teachers in the field of international education who already have the M.A. degree. It requires a minimum of 30 credits and can be completed in one year, consisting of two terms of full-time academic course work, and, for some students, the summer as well.  This is a flexible program in which students may develop a concentration that links educational research to policy and practice and is of immediate practical use to them. Listed below, in addition to three required courses in the Foundations of International Education (12 credits), are suggested courses that may be of particular interest to students pursuing the Advanced Certificate.


I. Foundations in International Education (12 credits)

All students must take the following courses in International Education:

  • INTE-GE 2803 Foundations of International Education
  • INTE-GE 2023 Sociological and Anthropological Approaches to International Education
  • INTE-GE 2025 Political Issues in International Education


II. Policy Analysis

  • INTE-GE 2007 Introduction to Qualitative Analysis in Comparative Education
  • INTE-GE 2008 Introduction to Quantitative Analysis in Comparative Education
  • PADM-GP 2245 Public Finance in Developing Countries 
  • PADM-GP 2201 Inst. Govern. In International Development
  • PADM-GP 2171 Program Analysis and Evaluation


III. Specialization in International Education

Global Education
Focus is on universities, colleges, schools, publishing houses, and educational agencies that design, develop and implement global education programs for students and educators in international and/or multicultural settings.

  • INTE-GE 2805 Globalization and Education
  • PHED-GE 2013 Values, Morals & School
  • HSED-GE 2173 History of American Ed & Soc: The Culture Wars
  • HSED-GE 2175 What Are Schools For?
  • SOCED-GE 2048, 49 The Social Studies Curriculum: Modern World History
  • AMLT-GE 2072 International Perspectives on Educational Reform
  • DRAP-GA 1107 Introduction to Global History

International Development Education & Education, Conflict, and Humanitarian Action
Focus is on government agencies, private voluntary organizations and foundations that provide educational assistance to less developed countries to achieve sustainable economic growth and human progress.

  • INTE-GE 2862 International Development Education
  • INTE-GE 2819 International Ethics: Rights and Responsibilities
  • ENYC-GE 2021 Environmental Politics
  • SOED-GE 2091 Sociology of Education in Developing Areas
  • PADM-GP 2210 International Organizations and their Management
  • PADM-GP 2216 International Organizations: NGOS
  • POL-GA 2536 Political Economy of Development
  • GPH-GU 2230 International Economic Development

Cross Cultural Exchange and Training
Focus is on public and private educational and cultural organizations that sponsor and conduct international cultural and educational exchanges and cross cultural training.

  • INTE-GE 2804 International Educational and Cultural Relations
  • INTE-GE 2812 Cross-Cultural Education for the Global Economy
  • SOED-GE 2325 The Learning of Culture
  • EHSC-GA 2025 Communications:  Hidden Environment
  • AHUM-GE 2135 Literature and Art: Experience and Response
  • AHUM-GE 2392 Approaches to International Film
  • MCC-GE 2170 Communication and Persuasion
  • GPH-GU 2305 Cross-Cultural & International Negotiation


IV. Area Studies

In addition to the courses listed below, there are also a number of summer study abroad programs, which this year are being offered in Senegal, China, South Africa, Belgium, France, and Brazil.

African and African-Caribbean Studies

  • AFRS-GA 2000 Seminar in Black History & Culture
  • AFRS-GA 2651 Topics: Comp Dem: Africa and LA in Caribbean
  • AFRS-GA 1316 African Societies and Culture
  • AFRS-GA 2028 History of West Africa
  • DRAP-GA 1870 The African Novel
  • DRAP-GA 2106 Africa and Its Other
  • AFRS-GA 2555 African Slavery/Atlantic Slave Trade

Asian Studies

  • INTE-GE 2298 Seminar in Asian Studies
  • DRAP-GA 1919 Topics in Chinese History
  • HIST-GA 1919 Nationalism in Asia
  • DRAP-GA 1999 Gender, Empire & Nation - Mideast and South Asia
  • DRAP-GA 2050 Mapping South Asia
  • Asian Economic Development
  • POL-GA 2774 Political Economy of the Pacific Basin

Latin American Studies

  • LATC-GA 1001 Intro to Lat American & Car Studies
  • LATC-GA 1015 US, Latin American & Media
  • POL-GA 2765 Contemporary Inter-American Relations
  • Anthropology of Brazil
  • LING-GA 2520 Topics in Lat Am/Caribbean Politics
  • DRAP-GA 1002 Contemporary Latin America
  • Covering Lat Am & Caribbean
  • HIST-GA 1800 Topics in Lat Am: Brazil

The Near East

  • ANTH-GA 1626 Cities of the Near East
  • MEIS-GA 2590 Middle Eastern Government and Politics
  • HIST-GA 1525 History of Contemporary Israel
  • HIST-GA 1642 History of the Mid East: 1750-pres
  • MEIS-GA 1664 Egypt in Modern Times
  • MEIS-GA 1852 Islamic Law and Society
  • MEIS-GA 1854 Women and Islamic Law
  • DRAP-GA 1581 History of Zionism

Eastern Europe

  • EURO-GA 2140 Communism
  • DRAP-GA 1326 Decline/Fall Russian Empire
  • EURO-GA 2580 East European Government and Politics
  • DRAP-GA 2114 Russian Popular Culture
  • Discourse & Society: Balkan Film

West European Studies

  • EURO-GA 2301 What is Europe? A Cult Approach
  • EURO-GA 3506 European Economy in The Global Market
  • DRAP-GA 1209 19th Century France
  • POL-GA 3502 European Union: Past, Present & Future
  • EURO-GA 2520 Sociology of Contemporary Ireland
  • HIST-GA 2131 The Development of the European State


V. Specialized Research Methods

  • APSTA-GE 2082 Advanced Quantitative Methods
  • RESCH-GE 2132 Principles of Empirical Research
  • RESCH-GE 2135 Historical Research
  • RESCH-GE 2140 Approaches to Qualitative Inquiry
  • RESCH-GE 2332 Introduction to Quantitative Methods