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PhD, Clinical/Counseling Psychology

The 69-72 credit PhD in Clinical/Counseling Psychology prepares you to become a licensed psychologist. This program operates from a scientist-practitioner model, emphasizing that academic scholarship and research are inseparable from clinical practice. Training integrates models traditionally associated with clinical psychology (health, wellness, and psychological science) and counseling psychology (strength- and asset-based, social justice-oriented, and multicultural perspectives), which together equip you to be a multi-faceted and culturally informed psychologist.

Core Course Sequence

The PhD in Clinical/Counseling Psychology core curriculum features foundations in psychological science, such as research design and neuropsychology of behavior, as well as psychological theories and skills, including multicultural counseling and ethical and professional issues. You’ll then apply these knowledge and skills in actual practice, both with research and clinical assessment and intervention work.

Sample Electives

You’ll have the opportunity to take several research and clinical electives. Research electives may include qualitative research design, advanced statistics offerings, or utilizing mixed methods designs. Clinical electives may include additional clinical theoretical orientations (like cognitive-behavioral therapy or brief dynamic psychotherapies) or work with specific populations (like therapies with children and adolescents or LGBTQ+ populations).

Culminating Experience

The PhD in Clinical/Counseling Psychology culminates in two applied experiences: the dissertation and the clinical internship. The doctoral dissertation integrates the research knowledge and skills you gained throughout the research program, contributing unique knowledge to the literature of psychology. The clinical internship is a yearlong, full-time placement in a mental health setting (like a hospital, college counseling center, or community mental health center), where you’ll apply clinical knowledge and skills to the full range of applied clinical work conducted by psychologists.

Program Requirements

For completion of the doctorate, 69-72 credits beyond the bachelor's degree are required. Additionally, as part of undergraduate or other graduate work, 18 credits in psychology including a course in statistics are prerequisites to the PhD program. 

Course Title Credits
Required Courses
APSY-GE 2001Neuropsychology of Behavior3
APSTA-GE 2002Statistics for Behav and Social Sciences II2
APSY-GE 2038Abnormal Psychology3
APSY-GE 2097Social and Emotional Development3
APSY-GE 2271Survey of Developmental Psychology3
APSY-GE 2524Psychological Measurement3
APSY-GE 2620Group Dynamics: Theory and Practice3
APSY-GE 2657Individual Counseling: Theory and Process3
APSY-GE 2658Lab in Individual Counseling Skills (only required if not previously taken)3
APSY-GE 2682Cross-Cultural Counseling3
APSY-GE 3009Departmental Seminar: Theories of Change in Applied Psychology3
APSY-GE 3016Internship in Clinical-Counseling Psychology0
APSY-GE 3031Practicum in Clinical Intake and Diagnosis2
APSY-GE 3073Research Design and Methodology in the Behavioral Sciences I3
APSY-GE 3103Historical Perspectives of Psychological Theory3
APSY-GE 3607Supervised Advanced Clinical-Counseling Practicum I2
APSY-GE 3608Supervised Advanced Clinical-Counseling Practicum II2
APSY-GE 3610Externship in Clinical-Counseling Psychology0
APSY-GE 3611Ethical and Professional Issues in Clinical-Counseling Psych3
APSY-GE 3620Clinical-Counseling Psychology Program Forum0
APSY-GE 3629Practicum in Supervision and Consultation3
APSY-GE 3665Psychological Testing and Assessment I3
APSY-GE 3666Psychological Testing and Assessment II: Practicum3
APSY-GE ----Clinical/Counseling Psychology Specialty Elective6
Research Electives10
Total Credits72

Additional Program Requirements

In addition to course requirements, students must pass a comprehensive examination to be admitted to candidacy, complete a full-year full-time internship, have an approved dissertation proposal and dissertation, and pass a final oral examination of the dissertation.

Sample Plan of Study

Plan of Study Grid
1st Semester/TermCredits
APSY-GE 3009 Departmental Seminar: Theories of Change in Applied Psychology 3
APSY-GE 2038 Abnormal Psychology 3
APSY-GE 3073 Research Design and Methodology in the Behavioral Sciences I 3
APSY-GE 3665 Psychological Testing and Assessment I 3
APSY-GE 3031 Practicum in Clinical Intake and Diagnosis 2
APSY-GE 2658 Lab in Individual Counseling Skills (if not exempt) 3
2nd Semester/Term
APSY-GE 3666 Psychological Testing and Assessment II: Practicum 3
APSY-GE 2682 Cross-Cultural Counseling 3
or APSY-GE 3611
Statistics for Behav and Social Sciences II
or Ethical and Professional Issues in Clinical-Counseling Psych
APSY-GE 3620 Clinical-Counseling Psychology Program Forum 0
Counseling Specialty Elective 3
3rd Semester/Term
APSY-GE 2620 Group Dynamics: Theory and Practice 3
APSY-GE 2657 Individual Counseling: Theory and Process 3
APSY-GE 3607 Supervised Advanced Clinical-Counseling Practicum I 2
APSY-GE 2271 Survey of Developmental Psychology 3
Research Elective 3
4th Semester/Term
APSY-GE 2682
or APSY-GE 3611
Cross-Cultural Counseling
or Ethical and Professional Issues in Clinical-Counseling Psych
APSY-GE 3608 Supervised Advanced Clinical-Counseling Practicum II 2
APSY-GE 2001
or APSY-GE 3103
Neuropsychology of Behavior
or Historical Perspectives of Psychological Theory
APSY-GE 2097 Social and Emotional Development (or Research Elective) 3
Research Elective 1
5th Semester/Term
APSY-GE 3629 Practicum in Supervision and Consultation 3
APSY-GE 3610 Externship in Clinical-Counseling Psychology 0
Clinical/Counseling Specialty Elective 3
6th Semester/Term
APSY-GE 2001
or APSY-GE 3103
Neuropsychology of Behavior
or Historical Perspectives of Psychological Theory
APSY-GE 2524 Psychological Measurement 3
APSY-GE 2097 Social and Emotional Development (or Research Elective) 3
Research Elective 3
 Total Credits72

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