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DPD Courses

If you have already completed the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) you will be in the 34-credit master’s in Clinical Nutrition.

If you have not completed the DPD course work before coming to NYU Steinhardt, you will be in the 40-credit master’s in Clinical Nutrition.

All students in either degree are required to take these two courses, ideally in their first semester:

  • NUTR-GE 2000 New Graduate Students Seminar (0 credits)

  • *NUTR-GE 2190 Research Methods (3 credits)

NUTR-GE 2199 Nutrition Education (3 credits) is an optional DPD course for those in the 40-credit degree and can be taken as an elective by those in the 34-credit degree.

Master’s Program Requirements

After completing these courses and the DPD, students in the 40-credit program will receive a DPD Verification or Declaration of Intent to continue on to the master’s degree requirements. Students in the 34-credit program will already have a DPD Verification or Declaration of Intent, but still must take the two courses bulleted above.

To become a Registered Dietitian, students must complete a dietetic internship. The dietetic internship requirement can be completed in two ways:

The NYU Dietetic Internship (15 credits)

  • 9 credits:

    • NUTR-GE 2037 Medical Nutrition Therapy (4 credits)

    • NUTR-GE 2196 Nutrition-Focused Physical Assessment (2 credits)

    • NUTR-GE 2198 Nutrition Counseling Theory & Practice (3 credits)

  • 6 credits:
    • NUTR-GE 2146 Clinical Practice in Dietetics I (3 credits)
    • NUTR-GE 2147 Clinical Practice in Dietetics II (3 credits)

Other dietetic internship

  • This may reduce the MS degree requirement to 34 credits rather than 40 credits upon submission of a Dietetic Internship Verification Statement. If so, students only take the courses in the "9 credits" category above.

Students who do not participate in an internship must take 1-2 credits of NUTR-GE 2077 Field Experience.

Other Master’s Degree Courses

All master’s courses require NUTR-GE 2190 Research Methods as a co-requisite unless otherwise stated as a prerequisite.

  • Nutrition Science (both required; 6 credits)

    • NUTR-GE 2139 Advanced Nutrition: Proteins, Fats & Carbohydrates (3 credits)

    •  NUTR-GE 2144 Advanced Nutrition: Vitamins & Minerals (3 credits)

  • Advanced Clinical Nutrition (two required; 6 credits; check with an advisor for the full list of options)

    • NUTR-GE 2041 Pediatric Nutrition (3 credits)

    • NUTR-GE 2043 Critical Care Nutrition (3 credits)

    • NUTR-GE 2045 Sports Nutrition (3 credits)

    • NUTR-GE 2194 Weight Management (3 credits)

    • NUTR-GE 2220 Nutrition & Aging (3 credits)

    • NUTR-GE 2222 Nutritional Aspects of Eating Disorders (3 credits)

  • Statistics (3 credits)

    • APSTA-GE 2085 Basic Statistics (or another graduate level statistics course by advisement)

  • Electives (to completion of credits)

    • Graduate-level courses offered by the Department (2000-level) or elsewhere in the University by advisement.

Culminating Experience

Students must take one of the following in their final semester:

  • NUTR-GE 2061 Research Applications (3 credits)

  • NUTR-GE 2063 Research Apprenticeship (3 credits) (requires application and permission)