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MS Program Sequence Map

MS, 40-Credit Clinical Nutrition

DPD Courses

If you have already completed the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) you will be in the 34-credit master’s in Clinical Nutrition.

If you have not completed the DPD course work before coming to NYU Steinhardt, you will be in the 40-credit master’s in Clinical Nutrition.

All students in either degree are required to take these two courses, ideally in their first semester:

  • NUTR-GE 2000 New Graduate Students Seminar (0 credits)

  • *NUTR-GE 2190 Research Methods (3 credits)

NUTR-GE 2199 Nutrition Education (3 credits) is an optional DPD course for those in the 40-credit degree and can be taken as an elective by those in the 34-credit degree.

Master’s Program Requirements

After completing these courses and the DPD, students in the 40-credit program will receive a DPD Verification or Declaration of Intent to continue on to the master’s program requirements. Students in the 34-credit program will already have a DPD Verification or Declaration of Intent, but still must take the two courses bulleted above.

It is strongly recommended that students complete a dietetic internship at the beginning of the MS program. This can be completed in two ways:

The NYU dietetic internship (15 credits)

  • 9 credits:

    • *NUTR-GE 2037 Medical Nutrition Therapy

    • *NUTR-GE 2196 Nutrition-Focused Physical Assessment

    • *NUTR-GE 2198 Nutrition Counseling Theory & Practice

  • 6 credits
    • NUTR-GE 2146 Clinical Practice in Dietetics I
    • NUTR-GE 2147 Clinical Practice in Dietetics II 

Other dietetic internship

  • May reduce the degree requirement to 34 credits. If so, students would only take the courses in the "9 credits" category above.

Students who do not participate in an internship must take 1-4 credits of NUTR-GE 2077 Field Experience.

Other Master’s Degree Courses

All master’s courses require NUTR-GE 2190 Research Methods as co-requisite unless otherwise stated as a prerequisite.

  • Nutrition Science (both required; 6 credits)

    • NUTR-GE 2139 Advanced Nutrition: Proteins, Fats & Carbohydrates 

    •  NUTR-GE 2144 Advanced Nutrition: Vitamins & Minerals 

  • Advanced Clinical Nutrition (two required; 6 credits; check with an advisor for the full list of options)

    • NUTR-GE 2041 Pediatric Nutrition

    • NUTR-GE 2043 Critical Care Nutrition

    • NUTR-GE 2045 Sports Nutrition

    • NUTR-GE 2194 Weight Management

    • NUTR-GE 2220 Nutrition & Aging

    • NUTR-GE 2222 Nutritional Aspects of Eating Disorders

  • Electives (to completion of credits)

    • Graduate-level courses offered by the Department (2000-level) or elsewhere in the University by advisement.

Required Culminating Experience

NUTR-GE 206 Research Applications may be taken only after completion of all core requirements which includes:

  • Nutrition Science Courses: NUTR-GE 2139 Protein, Fats & Carbohydrates and NUTR-GE 2144 Vitamins & Minerals and

  • Two Advanced Clinical Nutrition courses

Students then may choose one of the following courses for three credits:

  • NUTR-GE 2061 Research Applications

  • NUTR-GE 2063 Research Apprenticeship (requires application and permission)

*For courses with a star, please see the NYU Dietitic Internship page for information about grade requirements.