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MS, Nutrition and Dietetics: 40-Credit Clinical Nutrition

Application Extended: Still Accepting Applications

40 Total Credits Required

This curriculum provides advanced academic training leading to an MS degree for students who also seek the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) credential. 

In order to become a Registered Dietitian, you must complete an accredited Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD). Please note: you do not need to complete a DPD before applying to the 40-credit Clinical Nutrition master's. DPD verification (or Declaration of Intent) from an ACEND-accredited program is a prerequisite. Learn more about the DPD.

Degree Prerequisites

(Do Not Count Toward the Degree)

Basic Science
20 Credits
Intro to Modern Chemistry
5 Credits
Principles of Organic & Biological Chemistry
5 Credits
NUTR-UE 1064
NUTR-UE 1023
NUTR-UE 1068
Nutrition Science
15 credits
NUTR-UE 1209
NUTR-UE 1260
NUTR-UE 1269
Food and Food Science
12 Credits
NUTR-UE 1052
NUTR-UE 1184
Other Requirements
9-10 Credits

NUTR-GE 2190 and NUTR-GE 2199 count towards the MS degree
NUTR-GE 2199
NUTR-GE 2190
Introduction to Psychology
4 Credits
Equivalent Social/Behavioral Science course. A Behavioral science course can be taken as a graduate level elective coures

Degree Requirements

Learn more about the NYU Dietetic Internship.

First Semester Requirement
NYU Dietetic Internship - 15 credits
Required for NYU dietetic interns
NUTR-GE 2037
NUTR-GE 2146
May be taken as electives if you completed a different dietetic internship:
NUTR-GE 2196
The following course is required if you did not complete an accredited dietetic internship during your program at NYU:
NUTR-GE 2077
1 - 4 Credits
Nutrition Science - 6 credits
Statistics - 3 credits
Advanced Clinical Nutrition - 6 credits
Choose two of the following:
NUTR-GE 2041
NUTR-GE 2043
NUTR-GE 2045
NUTR-GE 2194
NUTR-GE 2220
NUTR-GE 2286
3 Credits
Research Requirements - 3 credits
NUTR-GE 2190
Culminating Experience
Choose one of the following (NUTR-GE 2063 by departmental permission):

Graduate Level Electives

Variable credits

Graduate level courses by advisement to meet 40 credits



  • No graduate level course may be taken pass/fail unless that is the only grading option.
  • Not all courses listed are offered every semester. Classes run only if enrollment is sufficient.
  • You must take all 40 or 34 credit classes with NYU to receive an NYU degree. We do not allow transfer credits from other colleges.
  • You are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout the program. Failure to maintain a 3.0 GPA will result in academic probation. After two semesters of academic probation, you will sign a memorandum of understanding indicating possible dismissal after the third semester on academic probation. You will return to good standing once your cumulative GPA returns to 3.0.
  • A cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 is required to graduate from the program.
  • If you are dropping classes, YOU MUST let your advisor know and it is your responsibility to re-organize your DPD or MS sequence map appropriately.
  • You are not permitted to take more than 7 credits during Summer sessions.

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