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34 – 44 Total Credits Required

This is a variable-credit program in which you can take a minimum of 34 credits. If you are entering the program with prior statistical training, the accelerated, lower credit option may be ideal for you. Most students with no prior statistical experience will take around 44 credits.  

The program consists of theoretical foundations, statistical inference and generalized linear models, causal inference, survey research methods, multilevel modeling, applied statistics electives, and unrestricted electives. A statistical consulting research seminar and internship provide practical learning experiences.

Required Courses

23 credits


APSTA-GE 2003 and/or APSTA-GE 2351 : Student with equivalent prior coursework may place out of these courses.
APSTA-GE 2352: Student with significant experience may qualify for reduced credit or place out of this course.

STAT-GB 2301
Regression/Multivariate Data Analysis
3 Credits


8 Credits

Choose one of the following concentrations:

The General Applied Statistics concentration offers maximal flexibility, allowing the student to customize their program by selecting from a large set of statistics and related classes. Students from this track have pursued careers in industry, research, and doctoral programs that are consistent with their course work and internship experiences.

The Computational Methods concentration provides more rigorous training in methodological theory and development, particularly appropriate for students who will progress to PhD programs in statistics, economics, or computer science.

The Data Science for Social Impact concentration provides intense training on the breadth of skills required today to work effectively with the government, non-for-profits, evaluation firms, and other organizations that use data to impact society. This concentration is one of the first to focus on ethical concerns surrounding data collection and use as well as challenges involved in succinctly and effectively communicating findings and their implications. Students in this concentration would be well positioned to work in a wide variety of careers at the intersection of data and society or a social science doctoral program.

General Applied Statistics
3 or more APSTA-GE courses not already taken to fulfill another requirement totaling at least 8 credits.
Computational Methods
And two of the following three courses:
2 Credits
Data Science for Social Impact

Culminating Experience

3-5 Credits

If APSTA-GE 2310 is taken for 0 credits, credits must be made up via electives; may be waived if student has significant professional experience in the field.


Elective Courses

Each student must have at least 8 elective credits, 4 of which must be APSTA-GE.
Minimum of 10 elective credits for those that take APSTA-GE 2310 for 0 credits.

Program Electives 12
4-10 credits of APSTA-GE courses; not taken to meet any other requirement.

Unrestricted Electives 12
0-6 credits of any NYU graduate level courses. May opt for all APSTA-GE

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