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Three-Summer Option

MA Educational Theatre in Colleges and Communities

Three-Summer Option with Global Study

Our popular three-summer option for the 36-credit MA program in Educational Theatre for Colleges and Communities attracts teachers, teaching artists, theatre directors, actors, language and speech arts specialists, community leaders, college instructors, and other students and professionals who can devote their summers to immersive experiences and intensive study.  

Same High Quality Curriculum, Different Format

The curriculum and degree requirements are identical for the three-summer option and for the regular academic year program. We ensure that our summer offerings are rich and varied so that you have a good selection of courses and experiences to choose from whether you start your studies in New York or overseas.

  • Study in New York City, London, and Dublin – preeminent sites for drama in education, play production, theatre for young audiences, and community-engaged theatre

    In New York:
    • Work with renowned dramaturgs and playwrights in our award-winning series, New Plays for Young Audiencesbased at NYU Steinhardt’s historic Provincetown Playhouse in the heart of Greenwich Village in New York City
    • Direct youth from across the country in Looking for Shakespeare, held every summer on NYU’s founding campus in Washington Square
    In London:
    • Learn from British drama in education and Theatre for Young Audience experts, take practical drama workshops, devise drama structures, improvise, attend theatrical performances at Royal National theatres, Fringe, and Stratford-upon-Avon
    In Dublin:
    • Explore approaches to community theatre with Ireland’s finest theatre practitioners and performing artists at Upstate Theatre and the Samuel Beckett Centre at Trinity College
  • Start in New York City or abroad – design your own sequence of study

Learn more about our New York City summer offerings and our London and Dublin programs.

Sample Sequence of Study

You can start in any summer and also spend more time in New York City if so doing better fits your needs and professional goals. Summer courses in New York City rotate each year to ensure you have course choice and variety.

First Summer: New York City (12 credits)
MPAET-GE.2982  Directing Youth Theatre: Looking for Shakespeare (3 credits)
MPAET-GE.2109 Studies in Directing (3 credits) or MPAET-GE.2251 Acting Scene Study (3 credits)
MPAET-GE.2103 World Drama I or MPAET-GE.2104 World Drama II (3 credits)
MPAET-GE.2042 Storytelling in the Classroom (1 point)
MPAET-GE.2955 Drama Across the Curriculum and Beyond (2 credits)

Second Summer: London and New York City
London: MPAET-GE 2075: Drama and Youth: Theoretical Perspectives (3 credits)

London: MPAET-GE 2076: Drama and Youth: Practical Implications (3 credits)
New York:  MPAET-GE. 2077 Methods and Materials of Research (3 credits)
New York:  MPAET-GE. 2193 Drama in Education I or MPAET-GE.2194 Drama in Education II (3 credits)

Third Summer: New York City and Dublin
New York
: MPAET-GE.2951 Teaching Through Drama or MPAET-GE. 2960 Drama with Special Education Populations (3 credits)
New York: MPAET-GE. 2152 Theatre Practices: Problems in Play Production (3 credits)
Dublin: MPAET-GE.2979 Creating Meaning Through Community Drama  (3 credits)
Dublin: MPAET-GE. 2400  Seminar in Applied Theatre (3 credits)


Just like the regular, academic year program, this three-summer option requires you to have completed the equivalent of two semesters of acting or directing and two semesters of theatre history or dramatic criticism prior to admission. If you have not taken these prerequisite courses or their equivalent at the undergraduate level prior to admission, you must register for them before finishing your studies, which may increase the total number of credits required to complete the degree.  

Explore Your Options

For more information about this program, contact Professor David Montgomery.