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Student Socialization Opportunities

On top of the major components of the MA Counseling Programs (coursework and clinical training), another key feature of the program is providing students with the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in networking and service. 

We encourage students to consider each of the activities listed below as an integral part of your professional development and socialization. These activities will help you to begin to establish important network ties. All of these can be critical to your future marketability and job success.

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International Student Facebook Group

The International Student Facebook Group is a virtual hangout and meeting space for the International students (MA Mental Health and School Counseling). Connect with each other, discuss everything psych, mental health, and life! This is a student-only space.

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Power in Presence

Power in Presence serves to support the BIPOC community by elucidating the systems of white supremacy, address how it stunts our educational and future career goals, and acknowledge the challenges it presents to how we each identify as persons of color. As such, we strive to fight against anti-blackness and colorism. Our intentions are to actively define and re-define tangible resources geared toward assisting racial minorities within the mental health programs.

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Student Counseling Association (SCA)

Student Counseling Association (SCA) was created in Fall 2010. Whether you’re on track in the Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness program or the School Counseling Program and enrolled as either a part-time, full-time, online, first or second-year student -this group is your voice in the department and works to improve your professional development. 

More specifically, our mission is to provide all students in the NYU Steinhardt counseling programs an avenue through which their thoughts, feelings, opinions, and ideas can be heard and proactively presented to the administrative and educational professionals who lead our programs.

We also aim to create professional development opportunities to aid you in building the ultimate resume for your post-NYU career. Equally important, we want everyone to create connections and build their network. Preparing for and beginning your career is definitely hard work, but it should be fun and invigorating at the same time.

Visit the SCA WordPress site for more information or follow them on Instagram @nyu_sca 

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SAFAR (Student Allies Fighting Against Racism)

SAFAR (Student Allies Fighting Against Racism) is a student-organized allyship group created to take action for undoing Anti-Racist policy and practice for students. SAFAR provides a safe space for allied student to explore and unlearn their own biases while engaging with Anti-Racist ways of thinking and being. Through activities, group discussions and engaging with the works of BIPOC, we aim to recognize and undo discriminatory practices, be better allies and activists to show up for racial justice.

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