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Drama Therapy

MA, Drama Therapy

Our advanced clinical training in counseling and course work in drama therapy will prepare you to promote health and wellbeing in a range of wellness contexts.


Develop Research Skills and Focus Your Studies on Drama Therapy

Deepen your understanding of drama therapy and become a competent researcher in the field. There are three options for doctoral study in drama therapy at NYU.

PhD, Rehabilitation Sciences

Prepare for a fulfilling academic career in research and teaching in the rehabilitation sciences through interdisciplinary study across health fields.

PhD, Educational Theatre in Colleges and Communities

Conduct cutting-edge and innovative research that addresses the most pressing questions in the cultural and educational arenas of theatre.

EdD, Educational Theatre in Colleges and Communities

Prepare for roles such as principal, curriculum developer, and policy analyst in this practice-based doctorate with an emphasis on arts-based research methods.


"Aesthetic Presence": The Importance of the Arts in the Education of Creative Arts Therapists Online

Dr. Sajnani, Christine Mayor, and Heather Tillberg-Webb published a new article on the role of the arts in the training of arts therapists.

Suzannah E. Gratz Receives The Samuel Eshborn Service Award

The award is presented to graduating graduate students in recognition of extraordinary service, exhibiting the value of strong leadership in school activities.

Message from the MPAP Chair on Racism and Black Lives Matter

"It is time for us to take responsibility and to take concrete steps to make MPAP an academic performance community where diversity and inclusion are indispensable and at the core of our teaching, training, and learning."

Nisha Sajnani Leads Special Issue on Drama Therapy and Technology

Dr. Sajnani organized a special issue of Drama Therapy Review related to drama therapy, technology, and new media.

NYU Steinhardt’s Drama Therapy Program To Host Therapeutic Theatre Festival for Care Providers, May 1-3

The Drama Therapy program will host a therapeutic theatre festival called, "Drama Therapists @ Home" from May 1-3. The event will feature creative performances, followed by breakout sessions where care providers can reflect on the themes showcased in the performances.

Drama Therapy Stages Pilot Production of ‘Fiddler on the Roof SR.' with Senior Community Members

The program worked with members of Penn South to perform a special adaptation of the hit Broadway musical.

NYU Sends Delegation to the UN

Dr. Nisha Sajnani was invited by Christopher Bailey, Chair of the Arts and Health working group of the World Health Organization, to bring a drama therapy delegation to a special session of the 12th UN Convention on The Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Can Art Save Lives? Questions for Nisha Sajnani on How Drama Therapy Heals

Nisha Sajnani, PhD, RDT-BCT, is an associate professor at NYU Steinhardt and the director of the Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions’ Drama Therapy Program.

Nisha Sajnani Receives NADTA Gertrud Schattner Award

The North American Drama Therapy Association has awarded Dr. Nisha Sajnani, director the Drama Therapy program, the Gertrud Schattner Award, the highest honor that the organization bestows.


Embodied Supervision in Drama Therapy Part 1

Maria Hodermarska, Britton Williams, and Dana Trottier will invite participants to reflect on the theoretical assumptions and practices associated with two approaches to embodied supervision in drama therapy.

Towards a theory and practice of tele-drama therapy: A roundtable conversation

Dr. Nisha Sajnani will host a roundtable conversation about the emerging practice of tele-drama therapy.

How does drama therapy facilitate change?: Advancing research on therapeutic mechanisms of change

In this roundtable discussion, researchers will present ideas and findings related to shared and specific mechanisms of change in the creative arts therapies with specific attention to core and meta processes in drama therapy.

Embodied Supervision in Drama Therapy Part 2*

We will meet participants of the film about their experience of the ethics and aesthetics of embodied supervision.

Trauma-informed Developmental Transformations (TC-DvT)

Trauma has a tendency to create interpersonal rigidity as survivors attempt to avoid and shield themselves from reminders of harmful lived experiences. Trauma-centered drama therapists Alicia Stephen and Erinn Webb will discuss...

The COATT Model of Therapeutic Theatre in the Treatment of Eating Disorders*

Dr. Laura Wood, Dave Mowers, and colleagues will reflect on the CoATT approach in the context of recovery from eating disorders; an approach that combats sizeism as much as it supports specific members of the group.

Black American Role Taxonomy: Empowering Black Youth*

Adam Stevens and colleagues will discuss the Black American Role Taxonomy, an approach to drama therapy grounded in role theory and practice which has been used, in this context, to explore internalized racism and promote self and...

Group Developmental Transformations to Support Vitality and Growth Amongst Women in Mid-Life*

Women over 50 face much change and turbulence. We also find ourselves in a stage of life that is uncharted, mired with negative bias and pretty much overlooked in developmental and psychological theories about aging. Dr. Cecilia...