Selected Doctoral Dissertations in Educational Theatre

Paula Campbell Langsam A Study of the Major Characters in Selected Plays of Tennessee Williams 1966
Roy Waldau The Theatre Guild’s Middle Years - 1928-1939 1966
William Wegner The Representative of the American Civil War on the New York
Rodney Earl Sheratsky The Off-Broadway Theatre, 1945-1962 1967 1967
James McGlone The Figure of the Fool on the Broadway Stage from 1944-1945 to 1963-1964 1967
Samuel Leiter The Legitimate Theatre in Brooklyn, 1861-1898 1968
Andrew Drummond Dramatic Elements in the Librettos of American Opera Performed by the New York City Opera Company from 1948 to 1966 1969
Martin Allan Gardner Thee Marx Brothers: An Investigation of their Films as Satirical Social Criticism 1970
Anita White Tommaso Salvini: Nineteenth Century Actor 1970
Elaine Fenton Philip Barry and his Critics 1971
Frank Galassi The Absurd Theatre of Joe Orton and N. F. Simpson 1971
Arthur Liebman The Works of W.S. Gilbert: A Study of Their Aristophanic Elements and their Relationship to the Development of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century British Theatre 1971
Patricia Conway Ryan John Golden: American Theatrical Producer 1972
Helen Yalof British Military Theatricals in Philadelphia During the Revolutionary War 1972
David Guthrie The Innovations of Steele Mackaye in Scenic Design and Stage Practice as Contributions to the American Theatre 1974
Coleman Jennings The Dramatic Contributions of Aurand Harris to Children’s Theatre in the United States 1974
Michael Gamble Clare Tree Major: Children’s Theatre, 1923-1954 1976
Stephen Graff The Evolution of the American Military Spy Play from the Beginning to 1900 1976
James Taliaferro The Emergence of the Political Female Character as Revealed in Selected American Plays From1762 TO 1860 1976
Leslie Okin The Dramatic Cristicism of Ludwig Lewisohn: A Critical Study 1977
Muriel Fleit He Application of Interaction Process Analysis to Selected Plays of Tennessee Williams 1978
Thomas Garret A History of Pleasure Gardens in New York City, 1700-1865 1978
Robert Boyle The End of Elizabethan Theatre: The Interaction of Cultural Conditions And Theatrical Productions In London 1632-1642 1979
Nancy Bowen Tadie A History at Gallaudet College: 1864 to 1969 1979
Ellen Rodman Edith King and Dorothy Colt and The King Colt School and Children’s Theatre 1980
Doris Hart An Historical Analysis of Three New York Productions of Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey into Night 1982
Jeanette Cocchi Lehman Engel’s Criteria for Libretti as Applied to Four Musical Adaptations of Shakespeare’s Plays on the Broadway Stage 1983
James Hoffman A Biographical and Critical Investigation of Stage Plays of George Ryga 1985
Rebecca Ray An Abstract of a Stage History of Tom Taylor’s Our American Cousin 1985
Ronda Winderl New York Professional Productions Depicting the Gospel, 1970 - 1982 1985
Richard Curry A Practical Philosophy of Theater Education for the Disabled 1986
Vere Drakeford Play Wishes Manifested in Children’s Theatre 1986
Elisabeth Gay Gert Schattner’s Drama Sessions for Short – Term Patients: A Video Tape and Report of the Methods of a Founder of Drama Therapy in the United States 1986
Dan Barto Owen Davis: From Melodrama to Realism 1987
Robert Hulton-Baker Tibetan Buddhist Drama 1987
Nancy Key A Narrative History of the Lake Charles Little Theatre, Lake Charles, Louisiana from 1927 to 1982 1987
Joseph Lesser From Street Comedian to Minsky’s Burlesque: The Evolution of Burlesque Comedian Joey Faye 1987
Robin Schraft An Investigation of Computer Aided Theatrical Scenic and Lighting Design 1987
Carol Banks Playwriting for Different Age Levels 1988
John Newhouse An Examination of Closed-Circuit Television Integrated into Avant-Garde Theatre Performance 1988
Charles Tichy The First Seventy Years of Professional Theatre in Omaha Nebraska 1988
Jean Warfield Christina’s Opera: A Full-Length Ballad Opera About Christina, Queen of Sweden 1988
Eliran Eliaz Transference in Drama Therapy 1989
Victoria Brown Integrating Drama and Sign Language: A Multi-sensory Approach to Language Acquisition and its Effect on
Disadvantaged Preschool Children
Anne Corey Susan Glaspell. Playwright of Social Consciousness 1990
Elisa DeLaRoche Hispanic Theater in New York City: A Study of the Companies – Intar, Puerto Rico Traveling Theater, Pepertorio Espanol 1990
Spencer Gates Angry Young People: The Working Class Adolescent in Contemporary English Drama as Portrayed in Selected Plays by Peter Terson, Barrie Keeffe, Nigel Williams and Stephen Poliakoff 1990
Eugene Huber Stephen Sondheim and Harold Prince: Their Collaborative Contributions to the Development of the Modern Concept Musical, 1970 - 1981 1990
Paul McCarren Several Teaching Manuals for Stage Acting Reinterpreted with the Help of the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius Loyola 1990
Deborah McEniry NYU Summer Musical Theatre Program 1990
Judith York New York City’s Arts Partners: Teachers and Artists as Effective Partners for Arts in Education 1990
Roger Danchik An Explication and Resolution for the Problem of the Written Dramatic Text and Performed Dramatic Text from the Perspective of the Philosophical Construct of Susanne Langer 1991
James Mirrione An Examination of the Writing Process in Theatre in Education Plays 1991
Francine Weston A Comparison of Computerized Stage Lighting Memory Systems With Non-Computerized Systems 1991
Claudia Wischner The Storytelling Experience: How Selected Contemporary Storytellers Perceive Their Art 1991
Ruis Woertendyke The Character of Abraham Lincoln as He Has Been Portrayed in the American Theatre From 1861-1987 1991
You Jin Hong Catharsis in Ritual and Theatre 1992
Margaret Mar Eugene O’Neill and George Jean Nathan: Playwright and Critic 1992
Howard Menikoff The Relationship Between the Bread and Puppet Theater and The Community of Clover: As Exemplified by the Annual Domestic Resurrection Circus 1992
John Osisek Black Humor in the Farces of Joe Orton: Redefinition of a Classic Genre 1992
Vincent Pellegrino The Mask as a Means of Supporting Health Professionals Who Work With People With AIDS 1992
Philip Taylor Our Adventure of Experience: Drama Structure and Action Research in a Grade Seven Social Studies Classroom 1992
John Tolley The Development of the Ministry of Drama at First Presbyterian Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1968 to 1998 1992
Maryam Habibian Iranian Theatre in Exile: An Examination of Gholamhoseyn Sa’edi’s Plays in Iran and Abroad 1993
Joni Jones The Development of an African Based Dramatic Structure 1993
Barbara Vojita In Praise of African American Women: Female Images in the Plays of Alice Childress 1993
Robert Boccardi An Examination of Selected American Plays Produced in New York City Between 1984 and 1983 Relating to the Issue of AIDS 1994
Kathleen Cioffi Alternative Theatre in Poland 1994
Tillie Gross The Relationship Between George Devine’s English Stage Company and New York’s Off Off Broadway Movement 1994
Diane Holub The Actor Training Legacy of Samford Meisner 1994
Jinsook Kim An Exploration of “Roles” in “Naerim Kut”, The Korean Shaman Initiation Rite 1994
Barbara Knott A Study of Sandplay as a Drama Therapy Technique 1994
Patricia Lindberg Theatre for Young Audiences at Emerson College: A Historical Perspective of Contributions to the Field of Educational Theatre 1994
Jane Gangi An Examination of Interpretive Discourse in Selected Theories of Media Ecology and Educational Theatre 1995
Charles Knott Archetypal Enactment in Drama Therapy 1995
Jane O’Niell The Glass Menagerie on the Broadway Stage (1945-1983) Major Interpretations and Critical Responses 1995
Alma Villegas The Origin, Development and Processes of Teatro Escambray in Cuba from 1968 1985 1995
Dale Byam Zact: Re-Thinking Community Theatre for Development in Africa 1995
Gary Dawson American Documentary Theatre: In Content, Form and Stagecraft Since Martin Duberman’s In White America : A Documentary Play 1996
John Gilvey Gower Champion as Director: An Analysis of his Craft in Four Broadway Musicals, 1961-1968 1996
Gabriel Gribetz The Relationship of a Theatre Production to Students’ Attitudes Toward School Climate in an Inner City High School 1996
Dennis Holsclaw A Comparison of the Effectiveness of a Theatre-in-Education Design and a Traditional Didactic Design in an Alcohol Prevention Program: Changes in Self-Reported Knowledge, Attitudes and Motivations 1996
Lynn Thomson Magnificent Irreverence: Strategies for Satire in the Plays and Librettos of George S. Kaufman 1996
Robin Levenherz Creating a One-Woman Dramatic Autobiographical Monologue: Theoretical Principles and a Sample Work 1996
Rosalie Contino Patricia Zipprodt, Costume Designer: Her Contribution to the American Stage 1997
Nefretete Rasheed A Biographical and Critical Investigation of the Stage Plays of Joseph A. Walker 1997
Frans Rijnbout The “New Woman” in Plays by Harley Granville Barker and his Contemporaries 1997
Joyce Sykes Drama Therapy as a Treatment Modality for Facilitating the Completion of Unfinished Business with Terminally Ill Adult Cancer Patients in a Hospice Setting: Three Case Studies 1997
Michael Tick Trinity Repertory Company: The First Twenty Years 1997
Robert Byrd Unseen Characters in Selected Plays of Eugene O’Neill, Tennessee Williams and Edward Albee 1998
John DiPrima Towards a Poetics of Monodrama in Performance: The History and Analysis of Critical Response to Monodramas on the Stages of New York City from 1952 – 1996 1998
Kimberly Jew The Theatrical Experimentation of Elmer Rice 1998
Bryna Rifkind The Palo Alto Children’s Theatre (1932 -1997): Theatre By and For Children 1998
Carol Bouzoukis Fairy Tales in the Treatment of Chronically-Ill Children 1999
Mallika Henry The Player and the Playing: An Interpretative Study of Richard Courtney’s Texts on Learning Through Drama 1999
Ivy Hua The Theme of Prejudice in Selected Plays from American Children’s Theatre, 1956 – 1995 1999
Yuntae Kim History of Children’s Theatre in Korea: From the Beginning to the Present Time; 1920 – 1998 1999
Chiang Kuo The Images of Masculinity in Contemporary American Drama: Albee, Shepard, Mamet and Kushner 1999
Scott Miller Starting Where the Teachers Are: Teachers and their Program Leader Experience; A Drama Staff Development Program 1999
Vanita Vactor A History of the Chicago Federal Theatre Project Negro Unit: 1935 – 1939 1999
Oak-Joo Yap Shakespeare’s Henry IV Parts One and Two on the New York Stage, 1761 - 1991 1999
John Foster The Concept of Black Theology in the Plays of August Wilson 2000
Gene Frank The Real Relationship Between Myth and Historical Fact in Writing Plays About the American West: Two Examples of Original Scripts 2000
Wendy Lement Susanna Rowson (1762-1824): Early American Dramatist, Actress and Educator 2000
Brian Maxwell The Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble, 1978 – 1998: Searching for a Community’s Voice 2000
Andrew Burnstine A History of Costume Design for the Big Apple Circus from 1985 to 1998 2001
Laura Hanson Elements of Modernism in the Musicals of Stephen Sondheim 2001
Lois Kivesto The Theatre of James Lapine: Playwright, Librettist, Director 2001
Frances McGarry A History of the Young Playwrights Festival: The First Decade (1981-1991) 2001
Richard Spencer Inferring Augusto Boal’s Early Conceptualizations About the Elements of Drama for Forum Theatre 2001
Jean Burgess A History of the Young People’s Theatre at Center Stage, Baltimore, Maryland: 1963-1984 2002
Jeff Dailey The Successful Failure: Arthur Sullivan’s Ivanhoe 2002
Rodney Douglas The Concept and Practice of Mixed Racial Casting in New York Theatres and Other Regions 1960-1990 2002
Rebecca Hale Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre of New Orleans, Louisiana: 1968 - 2001 2002
Helen Miller Macbeth in Performance in the Twentieth Century: A Promptbook Examination of Stagings by Four Directors Over Half a Century—Orson Welles, Glen Byam Shaw, Trevor Nunn and Richard Jordon 2002
Nancy Smithner Directing the Acting Ensemble: Meredith Monk, Elizabeth Lecompte and Anne Bogart 2002
Lee Chasen Linking Emotional Intelligence and Literacy Development through Educational Drama for a Group of First and Second Graders 2003
Jeremy Fenn-Smith Staging Intersubjectivity: Queer Theory, Queer Theatre, Tony Kushner and Angels in America 2003
Peter Lubrecht Creating a New Social Reality for Shakespeare: A Directorial Method for Youth Theatre Using Patrick Tucker’s Acting Cues 2003
Kimberly Poppiti Pure Air and Fire: Horses and Dramatic Representations of the Horse on the American Theatrical Stage 2003
Mariko Yoshida Using Drama to Teach American Literature in Japanese Colleges 2003
Melissa Swick Exploring Adolescent Construction of Gender Roles through Playwrighting 2004
William Heller Teaching Shakespeare in the Inner-City Fifth-Grade Classroom Using Drama-In-Education, Theatrical Production, and Technology Integration: An Action Research-Based Case Study 2005
Kathleen Ruen Artists Talk about Teaching: Three Artists’ Experience at the Same Elementary School 2005
Byoungjoo Kim A Long Journey Into Drama: A Descriptive Case Study of a Drama Mentoring Residency at an Early Childhood Education Setting 2005
Margaret Schaeffer Bridging the Divide: Integrating Drama Techniques into the study of Shakespeare in a High School Class 2005
Manuel A. Moran Martinez The Development of Teatro Escolar, The Theatre Program of the Public Education System in Puerto Rico: From 1960 to 1990 2005
Edie Demas Identifying the Role of the New Victory Theater's Education Department 2005
James Pecora Drama and the Holocaust : A Qualitative Study of Student and Teacher Experience in a High School Social Studies Classroom 2005
Brad Vincent The Silence at School : Creating an Ethnodrama for Educators About the Elementary, Middle, and High School Memories of Gay Boys 2006
David Montgomery Living an Arts Partnership: The Experience of Three Middle School Teachers in a Drama Residency 2006
Robin Levenson Acting in Translation: A Comparative Study of Language and Acting Praxis in the Last Four Plays of Anton Chekhov 2007
Ann McCormack Nellie McCaslin: An American Leader in Creative Drama and Theatre for Young Audiences 2007
John Newman Spotlight on Process: New Play Development at the Bonderman Youth Playwriting Symposium 2007
Jeffrey Kennedy The Artistic Life of the Provincetown Playhouse, 1918 - 1922 2007
Kristy Messer Teaching Television Through Drama: A Reflective Practitioner Study with 4th Graders 2007
Diane McGovern Case Study: The Mock Trial Based on Literature as a Transitional Drama Technique in the English Language Arts Classroom 2007
Braden Bell Exploring the Drama-Lives of Adolescent Boys 2007
Dani Snyder The Rules That Rule Their Worlds: Urban Youth Deconstruct Their Antagonists Through Theatre of the Oppressed 2008
Rebecca Hollander What students say about drama: Exploring the experiences of seventh graders in a Communications and Theatre classroom. 2009
Dana Edell “Say it how it is”: Urban teenage girls challenge and perpetuate cultural narratives through writing and performing theatre. 2010
Kevin Bott A Ritual for Return: Investigating the Process of Creating an Original Rite of Passage with Formerly Incarcerated Men 2010
Amy Cordileone Remarkable Disruptions: Dialogues on Teaching and Learning through Drama in Northern Uganda 2010
Claire Naomi Hatamiya Acting Up: Five elementary teachers explore classroom management through dramatic play 2012
Desiree Friedmann Using puppets: An investigation of children’s self-reports of their temperaments. 2011
Manos Pantelidis An Examination of Lowell Swortzell’s Contribution to Educational Theatre 2012
Teresa Fisher Every body has a story: Exploring the experience of obesity for women through Theatre for Change 2012
Victoria Rhoades Gender, Relationship and Embodied Voice in the Teaching of Shakespeare: An Associative Approach 2013
Sara Simons It Gets Under Your Skin: Using Process Drama to Explore Race and Privilege with Undergraduate Students 2013
Jennifer Holmes Socas Enhancing self presentation through drama at a community college: rehearsing for the job interview 2013
John Socas Performing Through Layers: Reading the World Through Theatre in Zanzibar 2013
Jonathan Jones Drama Integration: Training Teachers to Use Process Drama in English Language Arts, Social Studies, and World Languages 2014
Selena Burns What Does it Mean to be Human? How Third Graders' Response to a Philosophical Question Changes Through Process Drama 2015
Soohyun Ma Unveil the Invisible: Addressing Stigma Towards Unwed Mothers in Korea Through an Ethnodrama 2016
James Webb Last Sunday: Using Collaborative Playbuilding to Understand Why Some African Americans Leave the Black Church and Choose not to Return 2016
Andrew Gaines Multimodal Creative Aging: Examining Perspectives on Teaching Artistry and Quality of Life in a Metropolitan Senior Center 2017
Ashley Hamilton Toward Rehabilitation: Devised Theatre as Liminal Transformer in a Women's Maximum Security Prison 2017
Daphnie Sicre American Sangre: An Exploration of Afro-Latin@ Representation in the Play Platanos y Collard Greens 2017
James DeVivo Taking Them Seriously: A Study of the Long-Term Impact in the New Jersey Young Playwrights Festival 2018
Peter Michael Yurchak A Matter of Life and Breath: The Fitzmaurice Voicework Teacher's Connection to Audience and Subject Matter 2018