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Village Voices

Music and Performing Arts Professions Ensembles

Do you enjoy singing pop, jazz, folk, R&B, and the like and want to become more equipped to do so?

Well, get ready to work one-on-one with two of the most respected jazz/harmony singers in the business, learn repertoire other than the standard fare, and learn to play with your voice as an instrument? Janis Siegel and Lauren Kinhan will teach you how to own a groove whether it's swing, bossa nova, R&B, or bebop, how to find your solo sound within the group framework, and how to deepen your strengths as a harmony singer. We want you to be flexible, musical, and bookable out in the real world, and this ensemble will provide real insight into building the chops, vocabulary, and attitude you'll need to achieve that.

Auditions are open for:

We are currently looking for replacements for soprano, alto, tenor and bass for Fall 2022. Many graduating seniors have made room for the next iteration of Village Voices. AuditionWe meet once a week on Mondays, 6:45-8:45 PM.  

Who Can Join:

Vocalists and instrumentalists who pass the audition can join. Priority is given to Vocal Performance majors. Freshman are not able to audition for vocal performance ensembles.

Audition Information:

We are looking forward to hearing from you and getting Village Voices Fall 2022 populated. We are enjoying in-person learning again and are so happy to be back together in the same room! Along with our in-class work, we intend to keep the Soundtrap platform in play, because it turned out to be an amazing learning tool for preparing individual parts. This strengthens our valuable class time, so you sing with confidence and are ready for the next layers of performance and interpretation that we mine and discover together.

For starters, we want you to audition! You will find the audio materials in this Google Drive. The audition songs are not necessarily a reflection of the pieces we will learn in the semester, but they give us the information we need in order to know if you are ready for the Village Voices vigorous and ambitious set lists. The tempo is fast and you are expected to put in outside class time to prepare your parts and keep production moving along. We would like you to sing the part you are best suited for on "Bli Blip" and "Sometimes I Do." One is a medium swing selection and one is a medium bossa. There are two versions for your part – one with only your part isolated and one with all the parts except for yours (music minus one). Auditioning with the "music minus one" would be the best way for us to hear you hold your own part while also simulating the feeling that you are singing with the other parts in the recording. We hope you find this feature helpful. And if you are interested in showing your improvisation skills, you may take a solo on "Bli Blip." The track extends to include a section for you to do that. We would like for you to video record yourself with the provided piano tracks, singing with confidence, appropriate style and accuracy.

In addition, we would like you to sing a piece that you feel shows off your solo chops. It can be any style. The range of repertoire for the class is jazz and contemporary, and that encompasses a lot, so be creative and show your talents off.

In the Fall semester of 2022 we did an amazing collaboration with the All University Jazz Orchestra under the direction of Bobby Sanabria. It was a wonderful experience for our singers to perform with a Big Band and vice versa. Expect more cross ensemble collaborations to continue as we mine the many ways we can enrich the NYU experience for YOU.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to and

We are looking forward to hearing and meeting you. It’s going to be another exciting semester of musical collaboration and singing together.

Sample Performance

The NYU Steinhardt Village Voices perform "Baby Driver" by Simon & Garfunkel.