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Applied Psychology

Since 1989, the Department of Applied Psychology has been home to some of the best minds and boldest thinking in the fields of psychology and counseling. Unlike other psychology programs that are very focused on theory, simply for theory, Applied Psychology focuses on understanding, impacting on and informing lived experience in the specific settings and cultural contexts.

The Applied Psychology faculty do very solid, integrative, and theoretical work, by using varied methodologies but our interest is always in the question – how does this matter for real people? Individually, in the family context, and in communities in the U.S. and globally.

When you come to and come through any of our programs, you’re going to be the kind of scholar that can answer the question – how does culture manifest itself in relation to the questions that I’m asking. You’re going to be introduced to methodologies that will allow you to answer those questions in fine-tuned and thoughtful ways. You’re going to be able to apply that knowledge in a way that really transforms people’s lives globally.

Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Science
Applied Psychology

Applied Psychology combines theory, research, and applications to real-world problems. Prepare for graduate study or a career in psychology or related fields.

Bachelor of Science
Global Public Health / Applied Psychology

This major bridges psychology and public health principles with the goal of improving health outcomes among diverse populations.

Master's Degrees

Master of Arts
Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness
On-Campus Degree

This master’s degree is designed for aspiring mental health counselors who want to treat mental illness and help clients reach their potential.

Master of Arts
Human Development Research and Policy

This program will prepare you to understand human development across the lifespan as well as the psychological, cultural, and socio-ecological factors that influence the contexts and systems in which people develop.

Master of Arts
School Counseling and Bilingual School Counseling
Online Degree

NYU Steinhardt’s online master of arts in School Counseling is designed to equip aspiring pre-K–12 counselors in preparing them for certification and employment in public and private schools across the country.

Doctoral Degrees

Doctor of Philosophy
Clinical/Counseling Psychology

Build on your knowledge of clinical and counseling psychology and prepare for a career as a psychologist in community agencies, clinics, hospitals, or private practice.

Doctor of Philosophy
Developmental Psychology

Gain a strong foundation in developmental theories and cutting-edge research tools and methods for studying development in context.

Doctor of Philosophy
Psychology and Social Intervention

Prepare for a career as a social scientist who can understand, transform, and improve the contexts and systems in which humans develop across the lifespan.