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The Speech@NYU curriculum offers a diverse set of courses, ensuring you receive the comprehensive education you need to treat a variety of communication and swallowing disorders as a speech-language pathologist.

Course descriptions can be found on the Steinhardt Course Search page

The MS Program curriculum consists of 48 credits of graduate-level coursework in addition to any outstanding foundation courses, to be completed across required fall, spring, and summer terms. 

Foundation Courses

If you have not completed certain undergraduate courses (earning a C or better) prior to enrolling in the program, you may be required to complete up to 14 credits of additional foundation course work. We offer these courses online to prepare you for the graduate-level courses.

Learn more about foundation courses.

Instrumentation and Research Courses

  • Critical Evaluation of Research in Communicative Sciences and Disorders – 2 Credits
  • Speech Science: Instrumentation – 2 Credits 

Disorder and Practice Courses

  • Motor Speech Disorders – 3 Credits 
  • Adult Language Disorders – 3 Credits
  • Developmental Stuttering and other Fluency Disorders – 3 Credits
  • Language Disorders in Preschool Children – 3 Credits
  • Voice Disorders – 3 Credits 
  • Language Development and Disorders in School-Aged Children – 3 Credits
  • Dysphagia in Children and Adults – 3 Credits 
  • Principles of Intervention with Speech-Language Disorders – 2 Credits
    Speech Sound Disorders in Children – 3 Credits 
  • Culturally Responsive Practices I: Healthcare Settings & the Global Context  - 2 Credits
  • Culturally Responsive Practices II: The Educational Context - 2 Credits 

Clinical Courses

  • Clinical Practicum I: Pre-Clinic and On-Campus Clinical Immersion – 2 Credits 
  • Clinical Practicum II: Diagnostic Assessment and On-Campus Clinical Immersion – 2 Credits 
  • Clinical Field Placement III: Treatment – 2 Credits 
  • Clinical Field Placement IV: Pediatrics – 1 Credit
  • Clinical Field Placement V: Adults – 1 Credit
  • Clinical Field Placement VI – 1 Credit 

Elective Courses

We offer a number of elective courses to complement your interests; some examples include:

  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication – 1 Credit 
  • Therapeutic Procedures in Speech Pathology: Aphasia – 2 Credits
  • Therapeutic Approaches in Speech Pathology: Voice – 2 Credits
  • Language and Communication in  Autism Spectrum – 2 Credits 
  • Neurogenic Speech Disorders in Children – 2 Credits
  • Speech and Swallowing Management for the Medically Complex Child – 2 Credits 
  • Computerized Analysis of Language Transcripts – 1 Credit 
  • Craniofacial Anomalies – 2 Credits 

Departmental and Certification Courses

  • Master of Science Seminar – 0 Credits
  • Drug and Alcohol Education, and Child Abuse and School Violence Protection – 0 Credits 

Bilingual Extension Track (BET)

If you are bilingual or multilingual and you wish to apply for your Bilingual Extension in New York State, you also have the option of selecting the Bilingual Extension Track, which provides supplemental training focused on linguistically responsive and sustaining methods of assessment and instruction for children ages 3–21 years who communicate in more than one language.

Additional ASHA and NYU Course Requirements

In addition to the courses listed above, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) requires you to have transcript credit (which could include course work, Advanced Placement, College Level Examination Program [CLEP], or examination of equivalency) for each of the following areas: human/animal biological science, physical science, social/behavioral science, and statistics. You must earn a grade of C or better in each of these courses to be considered by NYU.

These courses can be completed within one year of beginning the program and do not count toward graduate credit for the master’s degree. In addition to transcript credit, you may be required to provide further evidence of meeting this requirement.

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