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Our 30-credit degree program focuses your course work on five areas:

  • Foundations on current theory and practice in second language acquisition
  • Classroom practice using cutting-edge language teaching methods across age groups and proficiency levels
  • Specialized training in language assessment, technology-enhanced teaching, and current research
  • Comparative exploration of language teaching in China and the United States
  • Final classroom-based research project
Course of Study

Note: All courses listed below, including the summer immersion in New York City, are required.

Course of Study
Term Location Program Details
First Summer On-site at NYU Shanghai WLGED-GE.8069 – Teaching World Languages: Theory and Practice  (3 credits)
TESOL-GE.8205 – Structure of American English  (3 credits)
First Fall Hybrid: on-site at NYU Shanghai + online

TESOL-GE.8810 – Research & practice in academic English Writing for ELLs  (3 credits, online)

LANED-GE.8201 – The second language classroom: Elementary and secondary (4 credits, on-site)

First Spring Hybrid: on-site at NYU Shanghai + online LANED-GE.8003 – Linguistic analysis (3 credits, online)
LANED-GE.8060 – Language evaluation and assessment (3 credits, on-site)
Second Summer On-site at NYU New York LANED-GE.8005 - Intercultural perspectives in multicultural education (3 credits)
WLGED-GE.8914 – Workshop in Teaching World Languages  (3 credits)
Second Fall On-site at NYU Shanghai LANED-GE.8206 - Second language acquisition: Theory and research  (3 credits)
Second Spring Online LANED-GE.8039 - Advanced Individual Project (2 credits, online)