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Explore a career in education. Open to all undergraduate NYU students (except Teacher Education majors), this minor introduces you to the study of education and human development, from early childhood through adolescence. You'll be prepared for further study toward a career as a classroom teacher or in related fields such as psychology, advocacy, or social work.


Degree Details

Official Degree Title

Minor in Teacher Education

Full-time or Part-time

While this minor does not qualify you for initial teacher certification, your course work in the minor will give you skills you can apply to:

  • Classroom teaching, through graduate study in a teacher certification program or a program like Teach for America
  • Advocacy work on behalf of children, youth, parents, and families
  • Nonprofits, domestic and international nongovernmental organizations, and government positions in education in the US and abroad
  • The Peace Corps and other international development or education work

You’ll also be prepared for careers or further study in related fields such as psychology, counseling, social work, publishing, educational technology, and health, including positions working with children or adolescents with special needs.


Required Courses (8 credits total)

Required courses introduce you to the study of education and human development from early childhood through adolescence.

A. Introduction to Education (4 credits)

TCHL-UE.1 Inquiries into Teaching and Learning I (4 credits)
HSED-UE.1005  Introduction to US Education (4 credits)

B. Human Development (4 credits)

APSY-UE.0020 Human Development I (2 credits)

Plus choose one additional Human Development II course:
APSY-UE.0021-001 Human Development II: Application for Early Childhood Educators (2 credits)
APSY-UE.0022-002 Human Development II: Application for Childhood Educators (2 credits)
APSY-UE.0023-003 Human Development II: Early Adolescents and Adolescents (2 credits)

*These courses should be taken in the same semester

**For APSY majors only, you may substitute APSY-UE 10 Developmental Psychology for the Human Development requirement

Restricted Electives (Select 6-8 credits from below, by advisement)

Through elective courses, you may explore teacher education more generally, focus on a content area related to their undergraduate major (e.g. English, Dramatic Literature or Theatre majors may choose to select courses from English and Literacy Education), or examine issues related to educating children with special needs.

General Education

SOED-UE.1015 Education as a Social Institution (4 credits)
TCHL-UE.1151 Crafting Creative Curriculum: Space, Time, and the Classroom (2 credits)
TCHL-UE.1152 Creativity Unbound (2 credits)
TCHL-UE.1153 Crafting Creative Curriculum: Fundraising and Entrepreneurship (2 credits)
TCHL-UE.1154 Crafting Creative Curriculum: Designing Curriculum for the Future (2 credits)
TCHL-UE.41 American Dilemmas: Race, Inequality, and the Unfulfilled Promise (4 credits)

English and Literacy Education

ENGED-UE.71 Literature as Exploration (4 credits)
ENGED-UE.193 The Reading of Poetry (4 credits)
ENGED-GE 2511 Pract Tchg Expository Writing (3 credits, Spring only)
ENGED-UE.1589 Critical Linguistics: Language, Power, and Society (3 credits, Spring only)
TCHL-UE.1030 Language Acquisition and Literacy Education in a Multilingual and Multicultural Context (4 credits)

World Languages and TESOL

Note: These courses are available only if space allows. Please fill out this Google Form for enrollment assistance and you will be contacted by an advisor. 

WLGED-UE.1999 Teaching WorldForeign Languages: Theory and Practice (3-4 credits, Fall only)
BILED-UE.1001 Bilingual Multicultural Education: Theory and Practice (3 credits)
TESOL-GE.2002 Teaching English as a Second Language: Theory and Practice (3 credits, Fall only)
TESOL-UE 1204 Teaching Second Language Across Content Areas (3 credits)
LANED-GE.2003 Linguistic Analysis (3 credits)
LANED-GE.2005 Intercultural Perspectives (3 credits)
TESOL-GE.2205 Structure of American English (3 credits)

Mathematics Education

MTHED-UE.1043 Teaching Secondary School Mathematics (requires school observations) (3 credits, Fall only)
MTHED-UE.1080 Teaching of Computer Science (3 credits, Spring only)
MTHED-UE 1110 Introduction to Computer Science (3 credits, Fall only)
MTHED-GE 2115 Teaching Elementary School Mathematics: Foundations and Concept Development (3 credits, Spring only)

Science Education

SCIED-UE.1050 Using NYC Nonformal Science Resources to Teach Science (3 credits)
SCIED-UE.2XX Science in Our Lives (4 credits)

Social Studies Education

SOCED-UE.1800 Global History, Geography and the Social Studies (4 credits, Fall only)
SOCED-UE.1135 Current Trends and Problems in Secondary Social Studies Education (4 credits, Spring only)
SOCED-UE.1073 Key Debates in U.S. History (4 credits, Spring only)
SOCED-UE.1117 Martin Luther King: Leadership, Oratory and Mass Protest (4 credits)

Special Education

Note: The courses below are only available if space allows. Please email for assistance with enrollment if you meet the prerequisites.

SPCED-UE.83 Foundations of Special Education (3 credits, Fall only)
SPCED-UE.1010 Principles and Practices for Teaching Students With Low Incidence Disabilities (3 credits, Spring only) (prereq: SPCED-UE 0083 Foundations of Special Education)
SPCED-UE 1161 Learning Environments, Behavior, and Students with Disabilities (3 credits, Spring only) (prereq: SPCED-UE 0083 Foundations of Special Education).

Additional courses may be available upon approval from the department. Email for additional information


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