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MA, Teaching Art, Grades K-12, Initial Certification

The MA in Art+Education, Initial Certification is a 30-credit Master's degree that leads to eligibility for Initial Certification in New York state to teach Visual Art (grades K-12). This program connects theory with practice, balancing critical inquiry about teaching and artmaking with hands-on experiences in school and community based programs. The Art+Education program is grounded in core values about why and how we teach, make art, and participate in social change. Students complete fieldwork throughout the program including student teaching placements in Elementary and Secondary schools, as well the Visionary Studios: Saturday Workshop program.


August (3 credits)

TCHL-GE 2010 Inquiries into Teaching & Learning (3 credits) - taken during last two weeks of August, before Fall semester begins

Fall Semester (13 credits)

ART-GE 2972 Interdisciplinary Studio (3 credits)
ARTED-GE 2271 Social Justice Education through Contemporary Art: Elementary Teaching (4 credits). Course includes Elementary Learning Partner Fieldwork in a school.
ARTED-GE 2081 Special Education: Disabilities Studies and Contemporary Art (3 credits)
ARTED-GE 2015 Race, Education, and the Politics of Visual Representation (3 credits)
TCHL-GE 2999 Drug & Alcohol Ed/Child Abuse Identification/Violence Prevention (0 credits)


Winter Semester/January Term (2 credits)

ARTED-GE 2901 Student Teaching Seminar: Elementary (2 credits). Course includes Elementary Student Teaching Fieldwork in a school


Spring Semester (12 credits)

ARTED-GE 2272 Social Justice Education through Contemporary Art: Secondary Teaching (4 credits)
ARTED-GE 2273 Visionary Studios: Saturday Workshop (0 Credits). Course includes Secondary Learning Partner Fieldwork teaching Visionary Studios: Saturday Workshop
ARTED-GE 2902 Student Teaching Seminar: Secondary (2 credits). Course includes Secondary Student Teaching Fieldwork in a school
ARTED-GE 2277 Media Literacy & Visual Culture: Teaching Art in a Digital Age (3 credits)
ARTED- GE 2000 Research in Art + Education (2 credits)
ARTED-GE 2301 Final Project (1 credit)


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Art+Education Program Goals

  1. Examine the ways that art making and the teaching of art are grounded in power structures situated within social, political, and cultural institutions and history. 
  2. Understand that art and education are forms of knowledge production that allow us to make meaning about the world based on our experiences of race, class, gender, sexuality, and ability; this knowledge can help us represent the world, as well as transform it.
  3. Design methods for teaching art and enacting artistic interventions that support critical thinking, creative inquiry, and social change inspired by contemporary approaches to art making, analyzing works of historical and current art, and social activism.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to be reflective practitioners and effective researchers who understand that theory informs practice and practice must be theorized.
  5. Empower persuasive cultural advocates and community leaders able to articulate the importance of art in schools, institutions, and society at large.

Art+Education Fieldwork

The Art+Education program connects theory with practice, balancing ideas about teaching and artmaking with hands on experiences in school and community-based settings.

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Visionary Studios: Saturday Art Workshop

This innovative, free studio art program for high school students explores current social issues through a variety of media and materials. 

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