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Teaching Art - Initial Certification

As a graduate student in the Initial Certification Teachers of Art, All Grades program (30 credits) you will participate in two types of fieldwork: serving as a learning partner and a student teacher. Students serve as Learning Partners in elementary and secondary schools, before they complete their corresponding Student Teaching placements.

Students complete at least 100 hours as a Learning Partner and spend at least 22 full days in each student teaching placement. All fieldwork experiences are overseen and supported by a team of NYU faculty. School placements are made by NYU in collaboration with student interests and needs in collaboration with the Steinhardt Office of Field Studies.

Serving as a Learning Partner

The learning partners fieldwork provides important experience in elementary and secondary schools before completing your student teaching. Depending on the requirements of each course and the opportunities provided by the school and cooperating teacher, these activities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Observations of one or more classrooms
  • Collaborating with or co-teaching in the classroom
  • Looking at, discussing, and planning curriculum
  • Looking at students’ work samples and discussing them with students and/or teachers
  • Visiting classrooms outside of your subject area
  • Discovering additional resources and services schools offer: special education, auxiliary programs, etc.
  • Observing a student in all or most of his or her classes throughout the school day
  • Attending teacher professional development programs 

While most of the time will be spent in the art classroom, students will familiarize themselves with the school as a whole by experiencing other subject area classrooms, special needs services, non-curricular activities, and professional development opportunities.

In Visual Art, the Elementary Learning Partner experience is fulfilled by being placed with a certified, NYC elementary school visual art teacher. The Secondary Learning Partner experience in Visual Art is fulfilled by co-planning and co-teaching a 9-week Saturday Visionary Studio Workshop class with a partner teacher.

Serving as a Student Teacher:

All students must complete at least two semesters of student teaching, each in a different school at the elementary and secondary levels. Entry into the initial student teaching experience and continuation into a second experience is subject to faculty review. Student teaching is an important professional experience that builds not only practical experience in the field, but also professional contacts and networks.

Students are assigned to schools with which NYU has established relationships. We encourage student teachers to gain as much experience in their placements as possible, above and beyond the mandated requirements. Student teachers are encouraged to spend both of their two semesters in a public school environment although private school placements are also possible with advisement. 

Students assume increasing teaching responsibilities over time until taking over full control of one or more classroom periods. This includes teaching their own curriculum unit over a period of 8-10 classes. All student teaching placements are supervised by NYU faculty.

Please be advised that licensing agencies and fieldwork placement facilities require that you get fingerprinted and undergo a criminal background check, the results of which the agency or facility must find acceptable prior to placement or licensure. 

Fieldwork Timeline for MA & Initial Certification in Visual Art, All Grades (30 credits)

For full-time students, the following timeline represents a typical Fieldwork sequence. For part-time students, the fieldwork experience sequence is determined with the program adviser.

Fall Semester: 

Social Justice Education through Contemporary Art: Elementary Teaching: at least 50 hours as an elementary Learning Partner

January Term:

Supervised Student Teaching in Art in Elementary Schools: at least 22 days as an elementary Student Teacher

Spring Semester:

Social Justice Education through Contemporary Art: Secondary Teaching: at least 50 hours as a secondary Learning Partner in Visionary Studios Saturday Workshop

Supervised Student Teaching in Art in Secondary Schools: at least 22 days as a secondary Student Teacher

Please note that it is the student’s responsibility to keep track of, meet the minimum hours for, and submit all required Fieldwork hours. All records will be submitted at the end of each semester and kept in the student’s academic file. 

Upon completion of all program coursework, students will meet the academic requirements for New York State Initial Certification. In addition to completing all coursework and fieldwork experiences, students must successfully complete all required New York State Teacher Certification Examinations and Assessments. For more information about certification visit Steinhardt’s Certification website and timetable here.

For more information about the Fieldwork requirements or experiences, contact:

Jessica Hamlin