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Master of Arts
Post-Professional Degree

Application Extended: Still Accepting Applications

A post-professional degree with a concentration in pathokinesiology, this MA trains experienced PTs to develop their abilities to think scientifically. As a student, you will develop strong clinical research skills and the tools to help improve patients’ motor control and motor learning.

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Master of Arts for Physical Therapy

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Start Date
Application Deadline

This post-professional master's concentrates on pathokinesiology. Throughout the degree, you will develop into a scientific thinker – gaining expertise in the analysis and synthesis of human motion, the measurement and evaluation of human motion, and research design and implementation. 

The curriculum incorporates electrogoniometry, electromyography, dynamometry, and cinematography to illustrate the most advanced theories and techniques for measuring and evaluating human motion. 
By the end of your studies, you will have developed knowledge in:

  • Clinical research skills in methodology and data analysis 
  • The components of normal and abnormal human motion
  • The biomechanical and neurophysiological factors foundational to the improvement of motor control in individuals with physical disabilities
  • The formulation and testing of conceptual models to analyze and improve motor control 
  • The communication of research that tests a hypothesis concerning human motion

The NYU Steinhardt Master of Arts in Physical Therapy is further set apart by the diversity of its student body. Admitting a number of students from around the globe, including India, China, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, our program fosters a dynamic environment where students collaborate, exchange ideas, and learn from each other. 

As a student pursuing your master’s, you will take rigorous, evidence-based courses taught by highly-skilled and supportive faculty. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to participate in laboratory experiences, gaining first-hand exposure to processes like motion testing and analysis.

By the end of the degree, you will be positioned to use your advanced knowledge to prepare a thesis paper based on a selected research agenda. Graduates of the master’s have previously explored topics like the impact of walking in heeled shoes, hand dominance and grip strength, and the impact of decreased foot sensation on gait.

Upon graduating from the NYU Steinhardt Master of Arts in Physical Therapy, you will be a well-rounded clinician and researcher positioned to bring a scientific mindset to your work.

Potential career paths include working as a practitioner, researcher, faculty for a physical therapy program, or facility supervisor (hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, schools for children with physically disabling conditions, nursing homes, private practices), or within public service agencies.   


Alumni Testimonials

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