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Physical Therapy

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Elaine Borja-Jaffe
I knew exactly what I wanted – small classes, prestigious faculty, top contacts, affiliations with the top hospitals – and at NYU I got exactly that...and more. The facilities were fantastic. The professors themselves actually cared about our progress and learning and didn't mind going the extra mile to help us out whether it be studying or personal guidance. I never felt like I was just a number. I always knew that I was a needed member of my class community. I also believe that encouragement and personal attention would be a necessary component in my education and that's exactly what I got. I have been told by my peers and colleagues that they are impressed by my thorough knowledge, professionalism, and skills. I wholeheartedly think that going to NYU was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Wai Soon Chan
As a recent graduate, I believe the courses, clinical affiliations, and clinical observations that I experienced during my time at NYU have made me a compassionate, well-rounded, and intelligent clinician. In my three years at NYU, I was exposed to a variety of patients and diagnoses and had the opportunity to work with many knowledgeable master clinicians. The decision to attend NYU has and will always be one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Elizabeth Costa
When it came time to apply to a DPT program, I only chose one: as a Steinhardt alum, I felt comfortable with NYU and was drawn in by the uniquely organized curriculum and the various connections the department had built with the surrounding medical community. However, the strength of NYU's program lies in its instructors, from the full-time faculty to the master clinicians we observe with. The expertise is varied and the opportunities we are afforded are extensive. The full-time faculty makes sure we graduate as generalists, allowing us to bring something to the table with every case we see, but the master clinicians we observe in the field allow us to explore some of the subsets that exist in the field. This background allows us to become well-rounded clinicians with enough exposure to be comfortable in any situation.

Michael D'Agati
NYU's DPT program is exceptional, innovative, and in the forefront of physical therapist education. The education and training of physical therapists is, at present, highly variable and lacks standardization, as I was able to see during my clinical affiliations. NYU's program sets a standard of excellence based on professional standards, clinical reasoning, and evidence. The faculty members, who are leaders in physical therapy education, initiated and developed the conceptual and philosophical curricular bases over two decades through an arduous and creative process, and have put forth the most forward-thinking program.

Alan Ho
Deciding on changing careers was no easy choice for me. Since deciding to pursue PT as a second career, I wanted to make sure my first choice was the best choice. Looking back now, there is without a doubt that I made the right decision. The curriculum is structured in a way where information is easy to retain and prepared me for each summer affiliation and most importantly the PT board exam. The NYU DPT program is staffed with a faculty that is knowledgeable and experts in their field of practice. It's one of the most dynamic programs bringing in master clinicians from the field to offer their expertise and most up-to-date techniques and ideas into the classroom. This program also provided me with more clinical exposure than any other PT program I've found in the local NY area. NYU also carries a name that is recognized throughout the PT field offering clinical affiliation sites from highly reputable institutions which was a major plus for me. The class sizes were also much smaller compared to other programs. Everyone becomes like family and it is pretty much an open-door policy with the faculty (after you knock and smile). To sum it up, I have absolutely no regrets choosing the NYU DPT program and you really do get what you pay for, and it's worth it!

Jean Kotkiewicz
The education that I received at NYU served as an excellent basis for me to apply during my clinical affiliations. The curriculum incorporated observations weekly in the best settings available here in New York and the surrounding areas, which added another wonderful aspect to my overall learning.

Gina Masefield
This program has given me the knowledge and skill base I needed as I entered the profession of physical therapy. The faculty has designed a curriculum that is comprehensive and rooted in the most current evidence-based practice ideals. I was very confident with the education that I received here at NYU.

Travis Reiter
The NYU DPT Program may very well be the most comprehensive physical therapy education in the country. From top to bottom and faculty to facilities, NYU strives to give its students the very best. The faculty is esteemed, well-respected in the field, and above all committed to creating a family atmosphere. NYU's location in the heart of Manhattan's medical community provides an amazing array of opportunity for professional growth. As a recent graduate, I have found that my experiences and the skills I have learned at will positively shape my professional career. I can truly state that NYU has given me the skills to become a well-rounded, compassionate clinician.

Susan Schultz
When I look back on the time I spent at NYU, I can’t help but smile. The friendships and professional connections that I made during my physical therapy education will continue to serve me for the years to come. I chose NYU for many reasons: the small class size, the wonderful reputation, the comprehensive curriculum, not to mention its location in one of the greatest cities in the world. The faculty, with a wide range of specialties, exposed me to areas of physical therapy practice that I never knew existed. The opportunities with which NYU was able to provide me undoubtedly “transformed” me from a typical college student into a clinician with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in people’s lives. I know I made the right choice by choosing NYU for my doctoral degree in physical therapy. It has given me the gift of practicing one of the most rewarding professions, and it is for that gift that I will always thank the NYU Physical Therapy Program.

Sujeeta Sippy
The program at NYU prepared me to evaluate and provided interventions for the patients and clients we see in practice. The clinical reasoning skills that I developed over the 3 years of the program were absolutely invaluable and enabled me to provide interventions based on those skills.

Rebecca Talmud
NYU's DPT program provided me with the foundation for a successful career. Opportunities in amazing clinical affiliation sites exposed me to a wide range of patients and diagnoses, as well as many highly experienced and knowledgeable clinicians. I currently working as a Pediatric Physical Therapist, and truly love what I do! I revel in each day utilizing the skills that NYU's DPT program has instilled in me.

Jennifer Teyfel
The program at NYU prepared me well for my clinical affiliations, and I felt well prepared for my first practice position. Over the years, by being placed in multiple clinical sites, I was able to establish a great physical therapy network.

Lindsey Viens
I am so thankful for the education I received from NYU. All of the clinical experiences, intense coursework, the multitude of group projects and presentations, and strong research base I received allowed me to start my journey as a physical therapist with confidence.

Erica Zimmerman
For as long as I can remember, physical therapy was the profession that I wanted to be a part of and NYU was the institution that I knew would help get me there. This program has both met and exceeded my expectations in allowing me to grow from a student to an entry-level clinician with the confidence in the ability I have to make an impact on the community's health and wellness. As I entered this career as a health professional and in the years to come, I will always be grateful for the advice, help, and resources both the faculty and associated clinicians of NYU have provided me.

Doctor of Physical Therapy for Practicing Therapists

Edward R. Marion
I earned my Transitional DPT at New York University while practicing full-time in New Jersey. The highly accomplished, dedicated, and supportive faculty of NYU continually worked to make this possible. Their flexibility and creativity enabled me to effectively navigate the rigorous didactic and laboratory program to improve my clinical skills to the doctoral level. Unlike other programs I explored prior to enrolling, I found the NYU facilities to be state-of-the-art, the curriculum current and expansive, with the professors on the cutting edge of research. The transitional DPT at NYU is geared to working professionals who seek the highest quality clinical physical therapist doctoral training available.

Attilio S. Pensavalle
I have been a practicing physical therapist since 1979 and in private practice since 1982, I enrolled in the Transitional DPT program to elevate my knowledge of clinical science, and to keep in step with the new knowledge base shared by the DPT program graduates whom I employ. I have been extremely satisfied with the NYU PT Department’s clinical science courses focusing on orthopedics, and the neuromuscular, cardiopulmonary, and integumentary systems. The content in pathophysiology, radiology, pharmacology, exercise physiology, and clinical interventions provided a logical and scientifically structured basis from which to enhance my practice. The didactic topics and depth of scientific discussion were substantial and meaningful – even for a physical therapist with my years of experience. The intensity of the course content and the relation to current and future clinical practice was precisely what I was looking for. I had reviewed other transitional DPT programs, including distance learning and alternative/“condensed” programs, and am so glad I selected NYU. The knowledge, skills, and expanded perspective I gained from these courses will help guide and support me for my next 25 years of practice. I have already seen the benefits of my augmented knowledge base, as I have been especially clinically productive during this next phase of my career. There are broad and challenging opportunities on the horizon, in which I intend to briskly participate. One cannot say enough about the faculty, staff, facilities, and services at NYU. The faculty and staff are always available to lend either academic or administrative/logistic support; an aspect that is so important to all students, particularly transitional DPT students since they require unique time management. The depth of knowledge and expertise found within this Physical Therapy Department’s faculty has made the time and effort required of a working DPT student worth the investment. The onsite facilities (including library/study hall, fully equipped clinical classrooms, and computer library), as well as the NYU Medical Library, support the curriculum. The time, planning, and accommodation required of my personal and professional life, though significant, was well worth the effort, as I now have an updated knowledge base to integrate with my 25 years of clinical expertise. With hopefully another 25 years of practice ahead of me, I look forward, as does our profession and the APTA, to providing the quality physical therapy that my patients and clients deserve.

Master of Arts in Pathokinesiology

Yen-Wei Chen
The master's program at NYU provided me with the foundation for logical thinking skills and physical therapy research. The knowledgeable faculty, rich resources, and high-end facility create an excellent learning environment. This program inspired me to apply to NYU's PhD program and pursue a research career.

PhD in Physical Therapy Research

Kevin Chui
The PhD program at NYU will profoundly change the way you think about yourself and your role in the physical therapy profession. Students receive a tremendous amount of individual mentorship in the state-of-the-art human performance and motion analysis research lab. You will be trained to think both independently and with a collaborative spirit to produce scholarship that has theoretical and clinical implications. My educational experience was further enriched by opportunities to assist faculty members with grant-funded projects, meet nationally and internationally recognized researchers, and collaborate with the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center at the VA Medical Center. Through these opportunities, I was exposed to different theoretical, philosophical, and pedagogical perspectives, adding to the overall richness and meaningfulness of my experience. The PhD program at NYU was a rewarding investment in my own intellectual and personal growth.

Susan Garritan
The strength of any PhD program rests on the quality of its faculty. In this regard, NYU's program in Physical Therapy Research is second to none. Our faculty's research skills, content knowledge, work ethic and dedication to building the theoretical underpinnings of our profession serve as constant sources of inspiration to their students. I am firmly convinced that it was this faculty collaboration and dedication that was instrumental in my receiving the Steinhardt School's Outstanding Dissertation Award.