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MA, Art Education and Community Practice

The MA in Art, Education, and Community Practice is a 30-32 credit degree that provides a hands-on and theoretical investigation through 3 core modules leading to a capstone project. Students take one required foundational course in each program module and then choose electives from across the university to customize their degree focus and experiences.

Core Module 1: Socially Engaged Art

This module addresses the expanding field of socially engaged art in the US and internationally: its history, current practices, and conceptual understandings of art, politics, public sphere, activism, and democracy. Students learn first-hand from socially engaged artists locally and globally. 

Course: Art & Ideas: What is Social Practice Art? ARTCR-GE 2459 (3 credits)

Core Module 2: Critical Pedagogy

Providing a firm grounding in popular education and social justice education that is inspired by Paulo Freire, students explore the educational function of socially engaged art: learning about critical pedagogy in public, community-based, informal, and virtual/media-based contexts, both locally and globally.

Course: Critical Pedagogy, Artists, and the Public Sphere ARTED-GE 2070 (3 credits)

Core Module 3: Social Activism

Overlaying the artistic and educational modules is a focus on social activism and community engagement that explores the history, politics, and ethics of working in local, global, and virtual contexts. Within this module students learn about methods, tactics, and strategies of engagement from social movements and community organizing to create artistic interventions in public and community spaces.

Course: Art and Ideas: Art as a Practice of Freedom (3 credits)

Capstone Project

The final project provides an opportunity to design, implement and document an artistic intervention in public space or work with a community organization in an effort to enact social transformation. Students explore research strategies, focusing on specific case studies in order to produce a collective intervention.

Courses: Artistic Activism as Radical Research ART-GE 2012 (2 credits), Final Project in Art+Education ARTED-GE 2121 (1 credit)

ARTED-GE 2070 Critical Pedagogy, Artists, and the Public Sphere (3 credits, Critical Pedagogy module)
ARTCR-GE 2451 Art and Ideas: What is Social Practice Art? (3 credits, Socially Engaged Art module)
XXXX Guided Elective (4 credits)
XXXX Guided Elective (3-4 credits)

ARTCR-GE 2461 Art as a Practice of Freedom (3 credits, Social Activism module)
ART-GE 2102 Artistic Activism as Radical Research (2 Credits)
XXXX Guided Elective (3-4 credits)
XXXX Guided Elective (3-4 credits)

ARTED-GE 2301 Final Project in Art Education (1 credit)
XXXX Guided Elective (3-4 credits)

One of the electives can be taken at our Global study abroad courses in JTerm or Summer.

Students can take classes across the University based on individual interests and advisor guidance. The following list is a sample of previously available classes, but are subject to change each semester and year.

ART-GE 2972 Interdisciplinary Projects: Art in Dialogue
ARTED-GE 2015 Race, Education, and the Politics of Visual Representation
ASPP-GT 2070 Language as Action
ASPP-GT 2076 Feminist Practices in the Americas
ASPP-GT 2006 Special Topics: Case Studies on Curatorial Activism
ASPP-GT 2023 Art and/as Research: Ways of Knowing
ASPP-GT 2028 Creative Response: Performance Matters, Between Imagination and Experience
ASPP-GT 2048 Imagination and Change: Arts, Culture, and Public Policy
ASPP-GT 2051 Contemporary Activist Art & the Public Sphere: Women, Art and Activism in the 21st Century
MCC-GE 2025 Race and Media
MCC-GE 2145 Methods in Interpreting Popular Culture
MCC-GE 2407 Visual Cultures of the Modern and Global City
MSMS-GA 3330-004 Topics in Museum Studies: Museums and Political Conflict
MSMS-GA 3330-005 Topics in Museum Studies: Museums and Community
PADM-GP 2106 Community Organizing
PADM-GP 2186 Leadership and Social Transformation
PADM-GP 2132 Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation by Design
PADM-GP 4440 Education and Social Policy
SOED-GE 2371 Social Inequality & Education
ARVA-GE 2120 Contemporary Art and Community Partnerships
ARVA-GE 2109  Digital Technologies and the Art Organization: From Strategy to Practice
ART-GE XXXX Studio Art - Curated selection of Studio Art classes in various mediums

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Art+Education Program Goals

  1. Examine the ways that art making and the teaching of art are grounded in power structures situated within social, political, and cultural institutions and history. 
  2. Understand that art and education are forms of knowledge production that allow us to make meaning about the world based on our experiences of race, class, gender, sexuality, and ability; this knowledge can help us represent the world, as well as transform it.
  3. Design methods for teaching art and enacting artistic interventions that support critical thinking, creative inquiry, and social change inspired by contemporary approaches to art making, analyzing works of historical and current art, and social activism.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to be reflective practitioners and effective researchers who understand that theory informs practice and practice must be theorized.
  5. Empower persuasive cultural advocates and community leaders able to articulate the importance of art in schools, institutions, and society at large.